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Former Coronation Street star Michelle Collins shares her top skincare tips

The actress spoke to HELLO! at the launch of her new skincare line

Chloe Best
Lifestyle Features Editor
March 14, 2018
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As an actress who has appeared on popular shows including EastEnders and Coronation Street, it's no wonder Michelle Collins has a keen interest in beauty. However, the 56-year-old has taken her passion one step further by launching her own skincare line – Pellum Vero. We caught up with Michelle as she launched her new collection to find out why she decided to make a move into the beauty industry and to learn her top skincare secrets.

"I have launched my skincare range. Pellum Vero means skin truth in Latin. I wanted it to be called that because I feel it's a really honest range and I think that lots of people get very ripped off in the beauty industry," Michelle explained. "It was really important for me to know what was in my products so therefore I can tell other people what is in my products."

Michelle Collins Pellum Vero launch© Photo: Twitter

Michelle Collins has launched a new skincare line, Pellum Vero

The line is comprised of a five-step beauty routine, with a cleanser, eye cream, serum and moisturisers for day and night. And Michelle says it is increasingly important to take good care of our skin, revealing that there is one thing she does every day to ensure she still looks fabulous in her fifties.

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"Always take your makeup off at night. However much you've drunk or whatever you've done, always get that into your beauty regime to take your makeup off at night!" Michelle said. "Really look after your skin, explore and investigate your beauty products a bit more. Look into the ingredients, look at percentages and things like that."

Michelle shared her top skincare tips with HELLO!

She added: "People want to look after themselves these days. It's not all about vanity and high maintenance, I think we need to look after ourselves. We're all living longer and I think it's very important. I am an actress so obviously this (my face) is my thing, and I like to look after it."

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Michelle Collins' skincare range, Pellum Vero, is available to buy now via

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