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Can children use adult sunscreen? Find out here

There are so many sunscreens on the market but do you need a separate cream for adults and kids?

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
29 June 2018
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It's a question we all wonder but never really get to the bottom of: can children use adult sunscreen? If you have little ones, perhaps you chance it and use one sunscreen for the whole family or maybe you're not quite sure so buy a separate product for the children. We all know that young, sensitive skin can burn more easily so a high factor SPF is recommended. But what about the actual brand and sunscreen formula – can that be used universally for all ages? We decided to clear this up once and for all by asking the founder of The Organic Pharmacy, Margo Marrone.

kid sunscreen© Photo: iStock

Margo told us: "All adults and children can safely use the same sun protection. There is absolutely no reason why they should or would be different in formulation as the protection is working the same on all skin ages and types."

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She adds: "The education will be on the level of SPF and frequency that the product should be applied, which is usually higher for children due to extra caution in protecting their sensitive young skin.”

The Organic Pharmacy sells two Cellular sunscreens of SPF 30 and 50 which can be used on the whole family.

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So there you have it. Obviously it's down to personal choice but there's no need to worry about using your adult sunscreen on the kids. Phew.