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I've finally found an SPF that doesn't ruin my eyeliner – hooray!

Just in time for summer

Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
May 15, 2024
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For my whole adult life, I've been searching for a facial SPF that doesn't make my liquid eyeliner near impossible to apply.

The majority of SPFs I use on my face make my winged liner transfer onto my eyelids or make it so slippery to apply that I don't bother attempting. So when I was introduced to powder SPF, namely Hawaiian Tropic's 'Mineral Sun Protection Powder Brush', £9.99, I was intrigued.

Powder SPF applies in the same way you'd dust on setting powder if you use a loose one. I apply my makeup as usual, then lightly dust the powder SPF on top, and off I go into the world, confident my skin is safe from sun damage.

Hawaiian Tropic powder SPF
I'm a big fan of Hawaiian Tropic's powder SPF

 It's subtly scented with coconut, so I can tell where I applied it, and it feels light on the skin. Plus, it's lightweight in my bag, doesn't add to my liquid allowance in my hand luggage, and is super easy to reapply during the day. I'm smitten.

Benefits of powder SPF

"Convenience is the main benefit of powder SPF," says dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto.

Dr. Anjali Mahto on the red carpet in a black dress© Getty
Dr. Anjali Mahto shares her verdict on powder SPF

"You can apply it over makeup without disrupting it. It also often provides a matte finish, therefore controlling shine and can be easily carried for on-the-go touch-ups. Some formulations also contain oil-absorbing properties which are great for oily or combination skin types."

That said, Dr. Anjali adds that there are drawbacks to my new favourite product.

Downsides of powder SPF

"Powder sunscreen offers convenient reapplication over makeup but it may not provide adequate protection when used alone," warns Dr. Anjali. "How effective it is will depend on how thickly the powder is applied and if you cover the entire area consistently. Powder SPF may not provide sufficient coverage or uniform protection due to inconsistent application," she cautions.

Given that I've been dusting lightly Hawaiian Tropic's offering on, I'm probably not using enough product to be sufficiently protected.

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I won't be abandoning my new SPF soulmate, though. Dr. Anjali says that powder is a good top up product, explaining: "I would always recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen underneath makeup, then reapplying powder sunscreen every two hours when in the sun."

While powder SPF might not be the summer hero I first thought, it's certainly a clever way to top up your SPF on the go, whether you're on the beach or in a bar, making it an essential part of my sun protection kit, I'll just be making sure to apply it on top of my existing SPF (Dr. PawPaw's 'Your Gorgeous Skin SPF 50 Day Cream') – who needs to wear winged eyeliner in the summer anyway…

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