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Nicola Peltz's affordable skincare hack is so easy to DIY

The actress championed zit stickers in a recent Instagram post

Nicola Peltz with a slight fringe in a strapless top
Orin Carlin
Orin CarlinContent Writer
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Nicola Peltz is not only infiltrating our wardrobes, but the contemporary It-girl is also influencing us in the beauty department

From chic flares and vertiginous platforms to some extremely covetable archival Chanel accessories, practically any outfit snap that the Bates Motel actress shares with her 2.9m Instagram followers is guaranteed to inspire lust in the hearts of fashion fans.

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Nicola Peltz sporting yellow star-shaped spot stickers © Instagram / @nicolaannepeltzbeckham
Nicola Peltz sported spot stickers in a recent Instagram snap

But apparently, there's more where that came from. In a recent post, Nicola proved that her beauty influencing abilities are also second to none, somehow managing to make zit stickers look cool.

The Welcome To Chippendales star rocked the Gen-Z-adored skincare hack, sporting three bright yellow star-shaped stickers: two above her lip and one on her chin. Gazing off into the distance, Nicola's skin looked otherwise flawless, and she showed off her radiant complexion by wearing minimal makeup.

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Instead of maintaining a façade of perfection, we admire Nicola for giving fans such a candid insight into her beauty routine. Even It-girls get spots from time to time – but it takes a special kind of modern beauty icon to pull them off with such flair. While the exact brand of sticker used by Nicola remains unknown, her playful yellow stars strongly resembled pioneering beauty brand Starface's cult product.

Wanting to banish a blemish of your own? The TikTok-adored beauty hack is super affordable, and there are heaps of designs out there, from hearts and flowers to assorted fruit and Hello Kitty's face. Yep – you read that right.

Trust Nicola to make spots into a fashion statement…

What are Zit Stickers?

While Nicola favours zit stickers of the celestial variety, there are heaps of options out there that vary in make-up. Also known as spot patches or pimple patches, generally speaking, they are small hydrocolloid protectors with an in-built adhesive. 

Do Zit Stickers actually work? 

Zit stickers and pimple patches work to minimise the appearance of a blemish in two ways. Firstly, on a practical level, once you have stuck it on, you will not be able to pick or prod a spot, meaning you won't be spreading the bacteria around and it will be free to heal in peace. But the hydrocolloid also soaks up excess oil and works to reduce inflammation.

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