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Made famous by HBO’s hit coming-of-age series Euphoria, glitter makeup has since been a constant trend in the makeup world and we couldn’t be more thrilled as we approach both Christmas and New Year's Eve

As someone who spends a lot of time on both TikTok and Instagram (no, I am not sharing my screen time stats, just take my word for it) I have recently seen an influx of both fashion moguls and beauty buffs trying the trend for themselves. 

Makeup artist Danielle Bastos says that even in the professional industry glitter is a "fantastic choice, especially for Christmas, as it adds sparkle and glamour to your look." She then let us in on a little industry secret, saying that if you're recreating a glitter look at home, "Remember that moderation is key – a touch of glitter can go a long way to elevate your Christmas makeup without overpowering the overall look."

Rita Ora has always been a glitter make up stan© Instagram
Rita Ora has always been a glitter make up stan

From glitter lip gloss to sequin eyeshadow, here are my top three ways you can resemble a disco ball this party season. 

Glitter Lip gloss


Glitters 4L @Alina Timo @cristinamonti

♬ Glamorous - Fergie

When I saw one of my favourite fashion influencers lathering her lips with a mysteriously shiny lip product, I was instantly intrigued. We’ve all seen glitter lip gloss before, but this is the first silver glitter gloss that’s pigment has substance. The very wise and helpful beauty lovers in the comments identified the exact product as Isamaya Beauty’s Liplacq lip serum in the shade metal, however, others confirmed that high street retailers like Kiko offer a similar dupe. 

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Glitter Eyeshadow

Lana Leroy and her perfectly applied glitter eyeshadow© Instagram
Lana Leroy and her perfectly applied glitter eyeshadow

The second I scrolled past this post of influencer and model Lana Leroy, I instantly liked and saved it, knowing I would come back to it on New Year's Eve in an attempt to recreate it. I love how chunky the glitter is on the lid as usually, eye makeup is more of a shimmer rather than a glitter. The key to achieving this look is to just keep adding more glitter, and if you think you have enough, you don't keep adding.

Glitter Hair

Another prominent glitter trend doing the rounds for the holiday season is glitter hair. Not technically a makeup look, but in my books, anything north of my chin counts so let's just go with it. The glitter hair trend is as easy as adding any type of twinkling dust to your regular hair gel. Perfect for those who love a slick-back look, this would look amazing under the disco lights on NYE.