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Around The Block: Patricia Zhou on Dua Lipa, Coco Chanel's wardrobe and 'falling off stage'...

The ballerina and Hello! Fashion cover star answers our questions in the back of a black cab

patricia zhou x hello! fashion
Lauren Ramsay
Online Writer
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The phenomenon of people speaking more openly in a black cab, or any taxi for that matter, is attributed to several psychological factors. The confined space of a cab can feel like a confessional, where passengers can speak freely, knowing that what they say is unlikely to be repeated or have any consequences. 

Which is exactly why we took our latest cover star, Patricia Zhou, "Around the Block" for an interview in the back of a traditional London black cab. Dancing has been at the heart of the Hello! Fashion February-March 2024 cover girl's life ever since she was discovered at the age of six, during folk dance classes at a Chinese school in Michigan.  After encouragement to keep dancing by her parents and teachers who recognised her unlocked potential, it was during private lessons aged 13 at the Beijing Dance Academy that the penny dropped for Patricia. She realised that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

She then graduated from the Kirov Academy of Washington DC, and landed her first official role at The Royal Ballet in London, followed by the Staatsballett Berlin. It was then being headhunted by the L.A Dance Project that spurred her on to go freelance - a career move that has enabled her to dip her fingers (or, ballerina toes) into many different professional pies.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Patricia began choreographing her own dance films. Her second film Orange Tree was shown at film festivals across eight countries, and received seven awards.

patricia zhou x Hello! Fashion

Granted, her career roster is impressive. But behind the wall of professional dancing accolades, Patricia is the ultimate It-girl, who, essentially, we're desperate to be friends with. If she could trade lives with anyone, it would be Dua Lipa - why? "Mainly because I just think she's fab," Patricia tells us, "She likes a Dirty Martini which I also like, and her closet looks amazing."

Patricia would also like Dolly Alderton to publish her autobiography (wouldn't we all?) and include a chapter about her "falling off stage into a covered orchestra pit." Her ultimate style icon is Elsa Hosk, her favourite colour is (ashamedly) pink, and her dream wardrobe is Coco Chanel's - a quintessential fantasiy of the modern fashionista. She describes her personal style agenda as "classy, fun and girly,"  qualities also reflected in her sunny disposition.

Jacket, £9,290, Trousers, £4,175, Sandals, £1,075, all Chanel Earrings, £3,380, Rings, (right hand index finger) £4,660, (middle finger) £3,430, (ring finger, bottom) £2,490, (top) £3,010, (left hand) £12,800, all Chanel Fine Jewellery© Morgan Roberts
Patricia Zhou x Hello! Fashion

And her imaginary friend for the day? Not Hailey Bieber or Taylor Swift, but Russian composer Tchaikovsky, "I dance to Tchaikovsky a lot, being a classical ballet dancer, and his music is just incredible. His brain is just magical and wonderful."

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