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It takes a great sense of humour to find the funny in personalised t-shirts, whether it be a gimmicky slogan like Victoria Beckham’s “Fashion stole my smile” shirt, a play on words like Bella Hadid’s shirt, or Jennifer Lopez's recent jumper adorned with a giant print of her Instagram profile picture, a comical shirt is just plain iconic, especially when worn by famed faces.

Victoria Beckham and Bella Hadid wear humorous slogan t shirts © Getty & Splash News
Where do we get both of these? Asking for a friend...

The reason why Jenny from the block was wearing the jumper with her face on it is unknown, but we can only assume that it has something to do with her cheeky personality and ability to not take life too seriously, even whilst in the public eye. In the video, she posted on Instagram, the award-winning artist wore the jumper whilst schooling her 252m followers on how she mixes a Halloween-inspired cocktail using her own crafted cocktail brand, Delola.  

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Whilst making her “horny little devil” drink of choice Jen chats through the ingredients and how easy it is to make the drink at home. By the end of the video, the On The Floor singer can be seen transforming into a red-hot devil herself, wearing a skin-tight latex devil costume whilst cheers-ing the camera and wishing her followers a “Happy Halloween.”

This isn’t the first time JLo has sported her own, or another famed face as an outfit staple. Back in 2020, Barbra Streisand posted an image on Instagram of Jen wearing her face with the caption ‘Love this! Hi @jlo — nice to see you wearing my face! @coach @stuartvevers.'  Then again in 2021, she was pictured with her husband Ben Affleck wearing an oversized tee encrusted with a red sparkly “JLO” over a black and white image. 

Jen acting like wearing a personalised shirt is just the norm© Robert Kamau
Jen acting like wearing a personalised shirt is just the norm

We’re here for Jen’s sense of humour and can’t help but think that a t-shirt with our own faces on would make for a great Christmas present this year…