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London Fashion Week is the most anticipated city on the fashion month circuit, known for its innovation, stylistic identity, genre-bending aesthetics, up-and-coming talents and homegrown hits. 

LFW has officially come to an end and over the past week, the city streets have seen some of the fashion sphere's most daring street style choices while front-row seats were home to notable names donning designer garms.  

Lauren, Orin and Orion were spotted at the NIFT LFW party© NIFT
Lauren, Orin and Orion were spotted at the NIFT LFW party

The Hello! Fashion team were lucky enough to attend a variety of shows, presentations and parties at this season's AW24 showcase and there were a few things the team noticed that made the week that little bit nicer. "Last season, thanks to my poor footwear choice, I had blisters from day one," explains our Fashion Assistant Chloe Gallacher, "Luckily this year, that wasn’t a worry thanks to being driven from show to show in style."

Because we’re no gatekeepers, here are the five fashion week essentials that made LFW chicer...

Choose Your Transport

As we all know, London is a big city which means many shows and presentations can vary in location, many miles apart from each other. This London Fashion Week the Hello! Fashion team were lucky enough to have Audi as their official transport, chauffeuring the team from show to show in style. Hello! Fashion’s Picture Director and Style Writer, Clare Pennington said that “being driven to each show in style saved me from running for the bus and inevitable blisters. I honestly think if we didn’t have the Audi Q7 and our chauffeur Nathan on hand, we all would have missed a few important shows."

Clare Clare Pennington spotted at London Fashion Week next to and Audi Q7 car© Clare Pennington
Clare unintentionally matched her bag to the Audi Q7

A photo of someone taking a photo of red shoes© Orion Scott
Both Orion and Lauren unintentionally matched at the Eudon Choi show

Fashionable Flats Are Your BFF

Our Fashion Features Writer Orion Scott chose to ditch the heels this year and opt for a fancy flat and her feet have never thanked her more. “As much as I love a pair of high heels, I just know that after a long day on my feet, I will regret my choices twice over. This year I made a conscious effort to style my fashion week outfits around my flat shoe choices, ensuring that all my attention was on the shows and not on my throbbing pinky toe.”

Invest in a Portable Ring Light

This year our online writer and beauty guru Orin Carlin spent most of her week backstage amongst the hustle and bustle, capturing hair and makeup content. Her one saving grace for good quality videos that were effortlessly chic was an attachable ring light, “I didn’t quite realise how much of a difference the clip-on ring light would make to my backstage life until I tried it. It was so easy to use and was a lifesaver when the main lighting failed me.”

A model gets the finishing touches back stage at Annie's Ibiza © Orin Carlin
Orin capturing the final touches at Annie's Ibiza A/W 24 show

Natalie Salmon poses in front of an Audi Q7 in a brown coat and boots for LFW© Natalie Salmon
Natalie was our teams designated passenger princess this LFW

A Chauffered Car and a chic Smartphone

Hello! Fashion's Editor Natalie Salmon is a Fashion Week veteran with more than one essential. “I couldn't pick just one item, but I must say I would have been lost (quite literally) without our Audi. The driver Nathan was spectacular this season and the car was so roomy. I've always loved Audi because I'm a bit of an aesthete, and I think they are the definition of quiet luxury. So definitely that... and my Google Pixel 8 Pro, it's amazing for runway videos and the Macro Lens is great for capturing high-definition close up shots of the clothes at presentations.

Befriend a Flyaway Stick

Unfortunately, we can’t change the weather and more often than not LFW often results in a week of rain and wind. For our Online Fashion Writer Lauren Ramsay, who was outside in the elements interviewing tastemakers throughout the shows said her one fashion week must was a flyaway stick. “I honestly used my flyaway stick multiple times this fashion week as it was so windy. It was honestly a lifesaver.”

Lauren Ramsay poses in front of a brick wall at fashion week in a pair of knee high boots, a brown jacket and sunglasses.© Lauren Ramsay
Lauren opted for a slick back bun look on day

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