All of the unexpected items in the Queen's home

Her Majesty has some unexpected items in her residences

Chloe Best

The Queen often gives a look behind closed doors at her royal residences when she hosts private audiences and events, and beyond the luxurious furnishings and décor there are some unique and unexpected items on display, from rare family photos to budget homeware buys that seem at odds with the rest of the palace. Here are just a few things you may spot…

Rare family photos:

Just like any doting mother and grandparent, the Queen has numerous family photos on display in her residences. Among them are never-before-seen snaps of the royals, including a photo of newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which is believed to have been taken at their engagement photoshoot in December. Another photo taken from inside Buckingham Palace also revealed a previously unseen photo of her granddaughter Zara Tindall on her wedding day to husband Mike in 2011. Her Majesty also has photos of her husband the Duke of Edinburgh and their children on display, with the images regularly updated.


A £30 electric heater:

Her Majesty welcomed the President of Estonia for a meeting at the castle during her three-day visit to Britain in March, and amid the opulent and ornate furnishings a more functional household item could be seen - a small grey fan heater placed under a gold table.

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The plastic appliance was spotted in the background of the portraits taken of the Queen and President Kaljulaid. Costing as little as £30 at many high street stores, the budget appliance appears at odds with its luxurious surroundings, and has been placed next to plush striped sofas and a small table that displays a framed photo of the Queen and Prince Philip. However, similar appliances have previously been spotted within Buckingham Palace and Balmoral, proving the Queen takes a thrifty approach to keeping the rooms of her royal residences warm.


An ATM machine:

We may not have photos, but it has been confirmed that there is an ATM machine within the palace, for use of the royal family and their staff. There is also a post office, run by Royal Mail!

Her BAFTA award:

It has been five years since the Queen was presented with her honorary BAFTA, and now we have finally been able to see where she displays the award. Her Majesty has placed the prestigious award alongside a selection of family photos on a cabinet in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle, photos have revealed.

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The award could be seen in the background as the Queen held an audience with the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Patricia Scotland, in April. It is displayed next to special family mementos including a framed portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and a photo of the entire royal family gathered together.


Homeware from House of Fraser and John Lewis:

The Queen is just like us… almost! As well as furnishing her residences with bespoke pieces from high-end designers, Her Majesty also has household goods from both House of Fraser and John Lewis. Both department stores hold royal warrants to the Queen, with John Lewis also a supplier of haberdashery goods to the palace.

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