Primark’s new Disney home scents are nostalgic AND seriously beautiful

Are you a Bambi or a Tinkerbell?

Anna Johnstone

We always get excited when Primark teases a new product. Not just because they are always pretty - we are also certain that we can afford them. They’re also one of the ultimate collab-worthy brands, and we absolutely love their cute Disney pieces. Which is why we are in LOVE with the brand's new home fragrances inspired by our favourite Disney characters. They posted a photo to Instagram of the products and, naturally, fans went crazy for them.


Primark showed the products on their Instagram

There are plenty of different options, and each of them choose scents to complement the character. The ‘Under The Sea’ one looks like our favourite - inspired by The Little Mermaid, it smells of sea salt and lavender. Which definitely will make us dream of being a mermaid (mainly just for the incredible hair).

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If Bambi is your Disney favourite (or you just love having a good sob), then the ‘Enchanted Forest’ one is for you. It smells of sweet pea, jasmine and the tears from your childhood*. It’s also got the prettiest dusty pink bow on the bottle! For those who can’t get enough of Winnie the Pooh, there’s a ‘Vanilla and Hunny’, which we can just imagine smells of baking and cupcakes. And big dreamers would love the ‘Cashmere Rose’ option, inspired by Tinkerbell. Unfortunately it won’t stop you from growing up...


Here's a few of our favourite ones

If you’re the ultimate traditional Disney fan, then the ‘Minnie’ one smells of wild orchid and peony. Well, there’s not really any appropriate smell for mice, after all. Each scent costs £6, and they’re available NOW. So perhaps grab a few different ones for each different room in your house? It’s the closest you’ll get to living in Disneyland.

*Just kidding.

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