Zoella left 'howling' after learning her face is being used to sell ironing boards

The YouTube star was amused by the discovery

Chloe Best

Zoella may have a product line that includes everything from beauty products to homeware, but fans were confused to see her image being used to sell ironing boards in Turkey. A photo of the YouTube star has been used on packaging for Turkish brand House Plus - and Zoe was left particularly amused after seeing the questionable Photoshop work.

The 28-year-old was alerted to the bizarre products on social media, when fans spotted them in various stores across Turkey and Hungary. "Didn't know that the @Zoella range stretched to ironing boards," one joked. Another wrote: "@Zoella got herself a Saturday job as an ironing board model."


Zoella and her boyfriend were amused to learn her image was being used to sell ironing boards

The cover image shows Zoe's head edited onto the body of a woman who is standing behind an ironing board with a pile of clothes at her feet. However, the body and feet are out of proportion - a gaffe that was picked up by Zoe's boyfriend Alfie Deyes, known for his vlog Pointless Blog.

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"I'M LITERALLY CRYINGGG! look at her LEGS," Alfie wrote on Twitter, sharing the images with his 5.56 million Instagram followers. But fortunately Zoe saw the funny side, and even posted it on Instagram Stories. "On a somewhat lighter note, this company have photoshopped me onto their ironing board and I am howling at the legs to body ratio and the fact this exists," she wrote.


Zoe said she was "howling" at the images

While Zoe may not be making a foray into selling ironing boards just yet, she does have an extensive line of merchandise including stationery, cushions and beauty products, and is set to release a new book later this year. The vlogger has achieved huge success over the past years and so too has her younger brother, Joe Sugg, who will soon be competing on Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

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Joe revealed that he originally planned to decline the offer, but after meeting with the show's producers, he asked for a 'taster' dance session and felt a little more confident. "I left the meeting thinking, 'I think I might actually do it'. They're very convincing!" he said.

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