Gordon Ramsay admits to being 'a mess' after children left home for uni

The chef opened up during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show

Chloe Best

Gordon Ramsay said he was "a mess" after taking his twin teenagers Jack and Holly to university in September. The celebrity chef, who shares four children with his wife Tana, spoke about suffering empty nest syndrome during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs on Saturday.

The 51-year-old took his twins Holly and Jack to start university in September, while his eldest daughter Megan, 20, has already left home. Only the couple's youngest daughter, Tilly, is still living at home.


Gordon Ramsay said he was a mess when his children left home

Speaking of the moment he dropped the twins off at their university halls of residence, Gordon said: "Tilly, Tana and myself took Jack down to the college last week. Man that was hard. We put him in his little room, left him some fettucine and pasta for him to cook, student food. Left him there and I got in the car and I was a mess. My best mate has just left me. And then the next day we put Holly into University. I was like, 'Man this is tough!'" As to what he'll do when 16-year-old Tilly also leaves home? "I'll cry," he said.

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Gordon has a close bond with all four of his children, and often says that his lookalike son Jack, 18, is his best friend. The chef has also been working closely with his youngest daughter Tilly, who is following in his footsteps with a culinary career and joined him on the This Morning series Big Chef Little Chef.


Twins Jack and Holly went to university in September

Speaking to HELLO! in the Nespresso bar at the Michelin Star Awards on Monday, Gordon said of his daughter: "She's only 16, she started cooking when she was six so whilst all their mates were getting iPads and iPhones I bought them onions and so they understand not to waste food. She will be picking my eyes out one day I am sure," he added of Tilly's enthusiasm for cooking.

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The Hell's Kitchen star also revealed that Tilly isn’t afraid to give him advice in the kitchen. "I tell her Tilly, I am your father not your sponsor. And she says right dad, what about this caramelised onion, that's a little bit dark for me, I say it looks burnt."