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Kirstie Allsopp reveals disastrous home failure as a result of lockdown – and fans are baffled

We're not quite sure how Kirstie managed this…

Francesca Shillcock

Kirstie Allsopp has been presenting her new TV show Kirstie: Keep Calm and Carry On from the comfort of her home in Devon and viewers have been loving it. However, lockdown life clearly hasn't been all smooth sailing for the presenter. The Location, Location, Location, star took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the disastrous damage done to her TV screen and fans are shocked at how she managed it!

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Sharing a picture of the damaged appliance, the 48-year-old wrote: "In other news, I cracked our TV while looking for my credit card because I thought I might go to a shop for the first time since the 14th of March." Many of Kirstie's followers couldn't believe what she had managed to do, with one person asking: "How on Earth?" which prompted Kirstie to respond: "Don't ask me, I put both hands on it to carefully move it and there was a tiny cracking noise, I switched it on and there was this [rainbow emoji] down the middle!"

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Kirstie damaged TV baffled her followers on Twitter

Another person was equally baffled by the broken device, commenting: "How did you do that? And why would you hide your credit card behind a TV?" A third person wrote: "How did you pull that one off?" while another simply said: "OMG!" And it's not just her TV that has been affected by life in isolation.

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Kirstie recently uploaded a picture to her Instagram revealing exactly how she transformed her dining room for filming with a before and after photo. "The crew have gone, the dining room is almost back to normal," she wrote in the caption. "If the show wasn't starting today at 5pm on Channel 4, I might think I imagined the whole thing." The after photo showed a very creative and characterful dining room, as seen on the Channel 4 show, featuring several keepsakes and memorabilia from around her home (pen pots, tea towels, bunting, ornaments, house plants and a collection of plates and mugs included), while the before photo revealed that the room is usually very bare.

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