Aquarius forecast for Sunday December 15, 2019

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You know the right thing to do when faced with a problem. Gather the evidence, weigh up the facts, think of a plan, and avert the difficulty. That pretty much sums up the way you like to do things... fact-based, precise and thoughtful. But right now, you need to dig deep to find the 'instinctive you' and be mentally prepared for a snap decision that will turn what looks like a problem into a triumphant opportunity. Don't think too hard. As Venus moves into your sign, follow your heart and your instincts.

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December 14, 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope: When we bang an elbow, crick our necks or pull a tendon, there's no choice about whether we've hurt ourselves. We can manage the pain with ice, painkillers and rest, but ignoring it won't make it disappear. Can the same be said for psychological conditions? In theory at least, we can talk ourselves out of feeling sad or fed up. But it's not always as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, under this week's auspicious cosmic climate, a source of great worry will recede and turn into a joy rather than a fear.

December 13, 2019

It's fair to say that your forecast is looking unsettled. There will be showers; but there will also be sunshine. There will be highs... and there will be lows. Recently, you've been buoyed up by a brilliant idea, only to be racked with self-doubt. But, even though the process is challenging, it's better than having ongoing pessimism broken by only brief moments of hope. As the weekend unfolds, a series of positive events will take you higher. As for the lows? Soon enough, they'll barely register.

December 12, 2019

Do you want to get to the bottom of something today? No problem. All you've got to do is ask. Actually, even that's unnecessary. Try just people-watching instead. Can you catch their eye? If not, why not? Now, pretend you're one of the 'Spy-Kids', complete with X-ray goggles. The Full Moon suggests that you have the intellectual equivalent, except, that yours aren't fictional! They have the ability to highlight secret goals and hidden agendas. Just remember to wield your power with sensitivity.

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 5 February 1972

December 11, 2019

Any builder or engineer will tell you that there comes a point when the only way to resolve something is to hit it with a hammer. It might not be smart. It might not be pretty. But it does tend to get the job done. Other people advocate patience and persistence; yet the gentle approach will never work when you're trying to coax something that won't budge. All this is to say that I've thought carefully about the advice for you today. If you keep pushing hard, you'll begin to see tangible results.

December 10, 2019

Is there enough time available to allow a tree to grow? Can you wait while the sea erodes a cliff edge so that you can find a foothold and climb up it? Not unless somewhere in your travels you've managed to acquire the elixir of youth! You're patient enough when you have to be... but there are limits, and someone seems to have pushed you to yours. Yet, if you manage to focus on something other than your breaking point, you'll recover the calmness to see a plan through to its fruition.

December 09, 2019

'There's no way I'm going to go along with that idea. So-and-so was instrumental in its conception, and I never agree with what they say'. Although you might not ever express yourself in such blunt terms, this principle is affecting the way you're responding to a proposition. Yet this is a case that needs to be considered on its own merits. Don't let your judgment be coloured by prejudicial thinking today. Someone unlikely is likely to have an idea that might surprise you.

December 08, 2019

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Psychologists call it 'glossophobia'. It's the fear of public speaking. Even though it isn't something that we have to do every day, it's one of the commonest of all social phobias. At its heart lies a dread of 'messing up' in front of everyone. There's a matter of concern in your emotional life that you need to say something about. But you don't have to address a crowd. You just have to connect with one person, who's already waiting to offer a sympathetic ear. Speak up... there's no need to be afraid.