23 of June – 23 of July cancer

Cancer forecast for Sunday January 16, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: When we don't acknowledge our wounds and past hurts, they continue to affect our lives. Sometimes, when two people are snappy with one another it can be a sign that they're vulnerable; that they're afraid of laying themselves open to more emotional stress or pain. Although you can't control someone's behaviour, you can look at your own and decide that being sharp or impatient isn't ever appropriate. With the Full Moon in your sign, if you act as you'd like to be treated - with kindness and care, you'll find that you soon will be!

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January 15, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: You know the task ahead entails passing through a doorway. Since you're anticipating problems, you fill your bag with a hacksaw and other kit to help you find a way through. But when you reach the entrance, the way is clear. But there's still a hitch; there's only enough room for you. You have to leave your equipment behind. You're reluctant because it gives you a sense of security. As Pluto opposes the Full Moon, you can relinquish an unnecessary burden and take up a golden opportunity. Happiness is just through that doorway.

January 14, 2022

When something doesn't feel right, your inner radar system starts to beep. Even if you're unable to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem, you know there is one and won't feel at ease until you've identified it, then worked out how to sort it. If this weekend, you find yourself baffled by a mystery, you need to consider why you're so befuddled. Before you set off on a mission, look carefully at what's obvious. On a closer look, you'll see that you know exactly what action you need to take. You can easily deal with this.

January 13, 2022

How are you typically characterised by other astrologers? Let me guess: quiet and calm. A respectful (and respectable) homebody who doesn't like to rock the boat or cause offence? Sure thing... until, that is, someone or something you care about is put under threat. Then, the world sees a very different side to you. You'll stop at nothing to protect what you love. As we build up to the Full Moon in your sign, I almost pity anyone whose behaviour forces you to show them your darker side. Show a little mercy where possible!

Celebrity Cancer

Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

January 12, 2022

It's all very well to say that, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but, in reality, it isn't always easy to tell whether something's broken or not. Subjecting it to rigorous testing may cause even more damage, and a patch job might render something functional unusable. Interestingly, it's often the second we begin to wonder whether something might break that it begins to crack. It's safe to put your doubts aside today. Give yourself up to the benevolent cosmos and trust that everything will simply be OK. There's something more interesting to focus on.

January 11, 2022

What's more ridiculous than entering a lottery where your chances of winning are minuscule? Buying a ticket, then not bothering to check to see whether your numbers have come up! Apparently millions of pounds go unclaimed! It's far better to be compulsively optimistic than carelessly pessimistic. Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting you're going to win the jackpot today. That would need a miracle. But with a hopeful attitude, there's a good chance that something will work out to your advantage. Be as positive as you can be.

January 10, 2022

The past is a closed book. We can't do anything to change it. No matter how much we try, the hands of time won't turn back. We can spend our days looking behind us, regretting the choices we've made. But what's done is done. It's by acknowledging our feelings and being open to learning that we come as close as we can to rewriting history. And, if we guide the people around us away from making similar mistakes, we not only influence the past but the future too. You can share invaluable personal experience today.

January 09, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: At first glance, the saying, 'if you love someone, set them free', is hard to grasp. Surely love is about being close? Doesn't the first flush of love involve being entwined, almost indivisible? But Richard Bach's line from Jonathan Livingston Seagull touches on the deeper truth, 'if they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were'. All healthy relationships need space for growth. As you move further into 2022, you're becoming more confident about sharing your innermost feelings, and able to allow someone the space to respond honestly.

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