21 of April – 21 of May taurus

Taurus forecast for Thursday December 08, 2022

No one enjoys feeling frustrated, thwarted or forced to slow down. Especially when they're just starting to build up a satisfying speed. In the run-up to the Full Moon you've been experiencing the equivalent of a roadblock. Which was particularly infuriating because you were flying along, in top gear, towards an exciting destination. Today, you access the skills to adapt your route. A diversion won't just bring new, unexpected, experiences your way. It might even get you to where you want faster. Be prepared to adapt.

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December 07, 2022

I'd like to conduct a thought experiment, today. Imagine that you're lost in a desert. You're swelteringly hot, and half-mad with dehydration. In the distance, you spot the shimmer of water and the green of vegetation. 'Yeah, right', you think. 'I've seen enough movies to recognise a mirage when I see one'. So, you continue, heading towards the horizon, ignoring the sounds of people celebrating this life-giving water source. The lesson? Something might seem too good to be true today, but, this time, you really can trust it.

December 06, 2022

An issue needs to be dealt with, and you're the person to do it. But since other people don't share your views, you're going to have to be brave. You have a strong case, and if you engage in an argument, you'll come out victorious. You might not have 'might' on your side but you've got 'right' on it... and that's powerful. And if you're skilful, and don't point the finger of blame, you'll get your point across. Just be aware that a certain person, who you need on your side, is sensitive. Be bold, clever and compassionate today.

December 05, 2022

Following your ruler's link to Mars, you're feeling more energetic. Your batteries are super-charged. Where everyone else is starting to fade, you're marching onwards, determined to keep on with your plans. Which is perfect timing. As the preparations for the holiday season begin, you've got lots of plates to spin. But your enthusiasm comes with a risk warning. You're more likely to say something that might accidentally cause upset. As long as you remember to be tactful, you'll be able to use this energy to great effect.

Celebrity Taurus

George Clooney 6 May 1961

December 04, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: There's something highly romantic about a secret love. You can imagine the perfect life with the unwitting object of your affections. The two of you would watch the sun setting on a golden beach, share candlelit dinners, go on autumnal walks in beautiful countryside. They'd always laugh at your jokes, love your cooking, and become best friends with your family. But at some point the dream has to fade... or you have to make it a reality! As your ruler, Venus, moves into a new celestial home, now's the time to be bold and get creative.

December 03, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Although they say there are two sides to every story, each side has a story too. Which means there are a myriad of 'sides' creating a kaleidoscope-like image to every situation: a never-ending chain of 'ifs', 'buts' and 'maybes'. Which is why, given the complexities of the situation you're dealing with, you're feeling confused. With this week's Full Moon in Gemini (intellect) even if the situation doesn't sort itself out, expect an inspired moment of clarity. If you seize that insight, and follow it, things will work out surprisingly well.

December 02, 2022

Historically, people who hear voices have either been renowned as prophets or outcast from society. But what about the voice we all have; our own inner conscience - that whisper in our ear when we've done something wrong? Yours has been active recently. You've got an irksome issue to deal with, and no matter what you do, you can't seem to cure it, or push it out of the way. This weekend, as your ruler links with sensitive Neptune, if you want to stop worrying, just deal with what you're anxious about. It's simpler than you think.

December 01, 2022

Sometimes, although it might sound crazy, it's worth attempting the impossible. After all, how can we know what's possible (and what's not) until we try? Even if it turns out not to be 'doable', we learn things we wouldn't learn any other way. You're feeling ambitious. You've got a plan. But you can also think of a hundred reasons why you should tone it down and focus your energy on something more realistically achievable. Today, though, with Neptune paused before turning direct, dreams can come true. Go on! Give it a go!