Scorpio forecast for Tuesday May 18, 2021

When we first meet someone, we often ask them where they're from. It's a safe, social strategy that opens up an easy conversation of a geographical nature. Inwardly, we may make a judgment about the location they name. A good place? A bad place? Yet, the truth is that no one knows where they really come from. Where were we before we arrived on this spinning ball of rock? And, since we all come from a place of great mystery, why shouldn't something truly wonderful occur in your life today? No reason at all!

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May 17, 2021

We rarely wake up wondering what we need to be worrying about. We might cast around looking for new things to do; for exciting ideas, or inspiring opportunities, but we seldom look for new reasons to feel concerned. In the unlikely event that we find ourselves running short of these, our fears sense the vacuum, and jostle with one another for top position in our list of anxieties. As your ruler is empowered by the Sun, sing happy songs to yourself today! Before long, you'll be unable to remember how any other tune goes.

May 16, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realised... I am somebody'. No one knows who first coined this observation, but it points to a universal truth about how we're all connected to one another. And if we cut ourselves off from these connections, we're all diminished. The cosmos brings a gift this week: an opportunity to help someone. It might not manifest as hugely significant to you; but to them it will make a big difference. A heart-warming moment, even an unexpected romantic bonus will be your reward.

May 15, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: We all look at situations differently. You're seeing the issue you're dealing with in a certain way, and someone else is viewing it through their own lens, based on their experience. Which one of you is correct? Both of you! And, in another way, you're both wrong. It's a bit like trying to decide which position is 'right' for a seesaw; of course, it doesn't matter which side's on the ground, and which one's in the air. You're in an ideal position to create a bridge between two different points of view. And have fun in the process.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

May 14, 2021

When people want to find fault with one another, they say things like 'you should feel ashamed of yourself'. When they're piling on praise, they say, 'you should be proud of your achievements'. So what are we supposed to feel if we feel proud of something that people think we should feel bad about? Suppose someone's done something wrong, and they feel remorseful? Shouldn't they feel proud for having acknowledged their wrongdoing? This weekend, a complicated situation deserves your careful consideration.

May 13, 2021

Although opinion differs about the origin of the phrase 'lies, damned lies... and statistics', since most sources suggest that it was Mark Twain who said it, statistically at least, the evidence points to the American author! You've been dealing with a situation in which a highly improbable solution is being proffered as highly plausible. Yet you're right to keep asking questions. Even though your inquiries might be unpopular, don't give up. Your intuition, and desire for the truth, will ensure this story has a happy ending.

May 12, 2021

Before using the phrase 'elephant in the room', we need to check that we're not standing in a space that has been constructed to house one of those magnificent beasts... like a zoo - although even this concept is controversial. There are, after all, lots of people who think animals should be free to roam in their natural environments. Which makes it even more relevant that you start a discussion about the issue that everyone else is trying so hard to avoid mentioning. If you take a bold step, you can clear the air today.

May 11, 2021

Life, they say, is for living. Although it might seem as if I'm just stating the obvious, that's what you need to hear today. While some of the activities you're embarked on make you happy, others are a cause of stress. Since you're becoming more aware of what you'd like to be spending your time focusing on (and what you've had enough of) it's time to consider why you feel obliged to undergo such feats of perseverance. The New Moon enables you to see how to get out of an unsatisfactory situation. At last.

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