Scorpio forecast for Monday August 10, 2020

The Bible tells us that, 'In the beginning was the Word'. Scientists have a different theory about the start of the cosmos; they prefer the Big Bang theory. Of course we can subject that idea to the 'tree falling in a forest' theorem ... does it actually happen if no one's there to witness it? Aargh! I'm not trying to befuddle you with theories about differing belief systems; rather to emphasise that if you've set your heart on something, it's worth dedicating your energy to it. Success is possible.

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August 09, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You wouldn't have chosen to be here. And if you could go back, you would. But now you have reached what appears to be an impasse in a relationship, there's no point wasting energy on what might have been. The important thing is to find a way forward. First you need to take the heat out of the situation; a period of quiet reflection on both sides will help. Then, consider the turning point. When did a simple disagreement flare up into something much more intense? Identifying that moment will reveal your next move.

August 08, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: It can't be easy being a sports commentator. They can't take their eyes off the action when there's not much going on, and have to sound excited when they don't care who's going to win. Even if they're watching a repetitive game with no action, they need to make it sound thrilling. Although you might find yourself having to talk up an ordinary event in order to raise peoples' interest this week, bear in mind that a minor issue is being flagged up as a major problem. Perspective holds the key to success.

August 07, 2020

Are you ready for an adventure? Or are you more inclined to picture yourself as the victim of a challenging set of circumstances? It seems that part of you feels that you've got no choice but to put up with a difficult situation; you've accepted it as being your destiny. The weekend calls your acceptance into question by inviting you to picture the best possible outcome to a specific scenario. If you can see yourself as the victor, with the talent to turn a hopeless situation around, that's what you'll do.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

August 06, 2020

We often underestimate the opportunities and potential hiding in our ordinary day-to-day life. If possibilities don't present with the 'X factor' we write them off as being commonplace. Then, if we're not careful, we get so good at dismissing ideas that we make it hard for the cosmos to bring transformation our way. It might be a means of avoiding disappointment, but when we don't allow ourselves the space for hope, life becomes meaningless. It's time to think positively. You deserve the best today.

August 05, 2020

Human nature is an ever-evolving complicated series of experiences and understandings. We think we know what makes us tick, then we find ourselves in unusual situations which reveal previously hidden aspects of our personalities. You've recently grown wary of someone you thought you knew well. Their attitude is surprising you and you're unsure about how trustworthy they are. Actually, it's simply that that they're going through a tough time. You won't misplace your trust.

August 04, 2020

It's not only birds that feather their nests. We all want to make our lives as comfortable as possible. And, it's undeniable that some of the 'feathers' we take would have gone to someone else if they had got their first. Does that mean that we should feel bad about having something that someone else might have appreciated? Whilst a degree of self-sacrifice is a good thing, a degree of self-indulgence can be healthy. Fortunately, today, whatever suits you best will suit the people around you.

August 03, 2020

I've just been talking to someone about how to find resolution when you're in disagreement with someone who shares your sign. Imagine that all Scorpios can get what they want today. What happens when one Scorpio wants something that another Scorpio doesn't want them to have? Even though you may not be in the arena with a fellow Scorpio as your opponent, it seems that someone's trying to prevent you from making progress. Under the Full Moon, if you're determined, you'll succeed.