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Scorpio forecast for Wednesday December 06, 2023

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The idea of a work ethic is ingrained. We're taught, from a young age, to be 'productive'. In fact, we often refuse to allow ourselves any relaxation without also finding a way to feel guilty. Sometimes though, taking a break, instead of relentlessly pushing forwards, is the best way to improve efficiency. Today, the Sun and Pluto are making a minor connection that causes you to pause and re-evaluate your perspective. You can transform your momentum, in a positive way, by taking a break and looking inwards for answers.

Embrace the forthcoming year with a sense of anticipation and optimism. Your

December 05, 2023

Scorpios are much more forgiving than people think. Your ability to understand others: to intuitively pick up on their inner workings, means you can't help but share the kindness you keep tucked away in your heart. It's just that you do it in subtle ways. Today, Venus, the planet of pleasure (which is currently in your sign), makes a powerfully positive connection with Saturn (which is in compassionate Pisces). It's an opportunity to allow the generosity of your wisdom to flow freely to someone who feels misunderstood.

December 04, 2023

Sometimes, when we grow slowly, we don't notice when an item/situation no longer fits. It's easy to make small adjustments to accommodate our changes: a longer hem, or a loosened stitch doesn't seem like much. Eventually though, we can hit a moment when continuing to patch things up is no longer appropriate. We end up with a different garment to the one we started with. Venus makes her way into your sign today and brings the gift of fresh perspective. Letting go of what no longer works doesn't mean losing out.

December 03, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Dogs intuitively know when their owners are nearly home. And cats have an uncanny ability to sense their owners needs (maybe that's why they always take the best chair!). So surely humans must have similar receptive powers? We think that we communicate best through speech. But when it comes to our emotions, we can say a huge amount just by a raise of an eyebrow, or a smile. You're a highly sensitive Scorpio. Trust what your intuition is picking up this week. If you want to improve your emotional outlook, you can.

December 02, 2023

Your December Monthly Horoscope: The pressure is easing off. The tension is dissipating. If you don't feel that by now, you will soon enough. Even though the festive season brings its inevitable stresses and strains, you've got more than enough energy to cope. And with Venus (love and abundance) moving into your sign, there's a strong indication of comfort and prosperity; attraction and invitation. Which doesn't mean you'll sail through the festive season without a problem (when's life ever like that?!) But it will be different. December brings good company... and fun.

December 01, 2023

You're not naturally cynical. You'd rather look foolish than hold people in contempt. You know it takes more courage to be open-hearted than to be narrow-minded. You're aware of your own vulnerability and you recognise other people's. But that doesn't mean it's easy. Right now, you're dealing with a historic source of concern (which you thought you'd dealt with). It's made you feel uncertain. But there's no need to worry. An event, this weekend, enables you to see that your incertitude hides an exciting possibility.

November 30, 2023

You're in two minds about how to deal with a difficulty. Part of you wants to uphold the essence of a commitment. But another wants to protect something (or someone) you value. It would be so much easier if these policies dovetailed together. But they don't. Which is why you're torn. What are you supposed to do? Your best option, is to try to honour both priorities as sincerely as possible. Don't go for an easy compromise: you'll end up with two unsatisfactory situations. If you do your best, you'll be surprised by the outcome.