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Pisces forecast for Sunday July 21, 2024

Updated: 2 hours ago
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Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: The trouble with people is that they cause so many problems. Just think of all the different poor behaviours they exhibit? Not to mention all the mess they make. And their failure to try to try to understand what makes others tick. I'm joking of course. But sometimes, when we're overwhelmed by life's demands, it's easy to think that it would be easier if we were by ourselves. If you've been feeling isolated in terms of support with a problem, this week brings someone who not only understands, but is able to help. Stay hopeful!

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July 20, 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: There are more humans sharing this ball of rock than ever. But what are we supposed to be doing? It's easy to get so caught up in our day-to-day commitments that we don't give this question much thought. But you're a sensitive Piscean. And thinking about the nature of existence, and your place in it, is part of your MO. It doesn't mean you have the answer, but you have an awareness; it doesn't make life easier, but it makes it richer. An emotional development brings joy this week. And surely, that's what life is all about?

July 19, 2024

Everyone's got 'bad habits'. We find it ridiculously easy to establish less-than-ideal ways of dealing with life's challenges. And we tell ourselves that we'll 'do things differently tomorrow'. But that tomorrow never arrives; it takes courage to look into the future, and realise that unless we instigate change, tomorrow will be the same as today. But you can do that this weekend. Empowered by the Blue Moon, a change of attitude will enable you to transform a negative thought pattern into a positive one; with transformational results.

July 18, 2024

How tidy is your living space? Are your socks arranged in their drawer? Are your papers in a neat pile? Don't worry, I'm not questioning your organisational skills - the most methodically-minded people have 'areas' of messiness where they shove things they don't want to deal with. And these can be mental spaces as well as physical ones. As Jupiter links to your ruler, Neptune, it's the perfect moment to look at a confusing situation in your world. By sorting out a practical issue, you'll find a way to straighten out an emotional one.

July 17, 2024

Suppose you've got chickens, and they've laid eggs. How many more birds will you have when they hatch? We're not supposed to count... but if you know how many eggs you've got, surely you'd be wise to guestimate the number of chicks? Otherwise, you might not have enough food/space for them. You might have to dash out to get more feed, or rapidly construct a new hen coop! If you can prepare for a likely development, without investing too much emotional energy, you'll be more than ready for the gift the Blue Moon brings.

July 16, 2024

Over the centuries, people have dreamed of different ways to create a more perfect world. A place without prejudice, where everyone is treated with respect and fairness. It sounds good. But while we can all take steps to make a difference in our own corners of the world, we also need to keep a foot in reality. Of course dreaming is important - our imaginings inspire us to create change. But it's worth checking to make sure your inspiring hope isn't dazzling you to the point where you're unable to see a fact that needs to be faced.

July 15, 2024

There are things you find hard to talk about. And there are things you find hard to do. Interestingly, lots of the things that are hard to do are easy to discuss. And vice versa. I mention this because in your world now, a truth needs acknowledging and a reality need accepting. Fear not. It sounds harder than it is. Today's Mars/Uranus link brings an insight that helps you understand what's unfolding. Then, not only will you find someone to share it with, you'll be able to start making progress in an area that's felt stuck.