Pisces forecast for Thursday January 21, 2021

Some people are proud of their unwillingness to compromise. They believe it evidences an unshakable commitment to excellence, the purity of their ideals, and shows authenticity. Yet, surely it also shows a close-minded inability to value other people's views. There are times when compromise, far from forcing you to lower your standards, raises them higher. Your ability to adapt is a great strength. As you absorb new information today, you'll find the courage to meet someone halfway.

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January 20, 2021

They say we should 'keep our friends close, and our enemies closer'. But it isn't always easy to tell our enemies from our friends, and vice versa. Our closest confidants occasionally shock us by going against our interests, while sworn adversaries sometimes pull through with a move that suits us. And, as if all of that wasn't topsy-turvy enough, we haven't even factored in our own ability to be our own worst enemy or best friend. As Saturn and Neptune link, you can turn a difficulty into a delight.

January 19, 2021

No one's born polite, discreet and proper; as children, we've all done things that have, at some point, embarrassed our parents. As we grow up, a sense of 'decency' is instilled in us. We learn what's acceptable (and what's not). We understand that some things are prohibited... even if we might not understand why. It's no wonder that taking risks, and making ourselves vulnerable to criticism becomes difficult. You don't need to worry. You've understood the context. Go for it.

January 18, 2021

Does someone deserve more than you? Have they been more charitable? Have they kept their mind free of worldly pollutants and filled with forgiveness? Only orthodox believers think that entry to heaven or hell is based on the angelic evaluation of every good, bad, selfish, or generous action we've taken. Pragmatists believe that if they're worthy of reward, the universe responds, without weighing up deeds on the cosmic scales. If you know you've done your best, the rewards will materialise.

Celebrity Pisces

Daniel Craig 2 March 1968

January 17, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'The answer is blowing in the wind'. These classic lyrics were written and sung by Bob Dylan long before the internet. If we wanted to find something out, we needed to actually ask someone, or look it up in a book. Yet even in this age of information, when everything we want to know is at our fingertips, we're still looking for answers. If you're seeking a solution that will solve a perplexing puzzle, this week's powerful cosmic climate brings you valuable insight. What you need will arrive out of thin air.

January 16, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: The small green bottle is filled with truth serum. The purple one contains sleeping potion. Don't get them confused or let anyone switch them around. Bear in mind that an adversary won't stop at anything. They'll use every trick in the book if they're determined to get to the bottom of a secret before you. In this week of revelations, keep your ears and eyes open and don't give information away unless you're confident that the people you share with will give you the encouragement you deserve.

January 15, 2021

What makes you different? What makes you stand out from the rest of the pack? What are your talents and abilities, your hopes and your dreams? And why, in spite of your manifold natural gifts, do you sometimes feel that you don't capitalise on them quite as much as you should? I can't promise that you'll take to this weekend like a duck to water... but the link between Jupiter and Uranus brings the chance to take a defining stance on a challenging situation and change it for the better.

January 14, 2021

Of course, we all need friends. But, do we need enemies too? Hmmm, what do we need them for? How can the people we don't like actually enhance our lives? Ah, but what if, according to some little known but vital cosmic law, enemies have a pivotal role to play? They might be useful, at least from time to time, to serve some small but crucial psychological purpose; or to meet a need that can't be met in any other way. You're being offered a chance to see a challenging person in a new light.

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