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Pisces forecast for Monday December 11, 2023

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If only everything always fell perfectly into place. If only opportunities arrived on our doorsteps the instant we were ready for them. But it often seems that the moment we realise that we're 'in the flow', something pops up to interrupt it. And as the tides ebb and flow, so we have to adapt to the movement of the waves life brings our way. Something that you've got used to missing, which left your world some time ago, is making its way back. Its arrival will enable you to easily, even delightfully, deal with your current problem.

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December 10, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: We might think we know a lot about psychology. But in some ways, in some situations, we're still like kids running around the playground, trying to figure out how to interact with the other kids. If you're feeling uncertain about where you fit into a social group, don't worry. And stop trying so hard. You're just taking a while to work out the dynamics. Your best bet, is to relax and to be yourself. This week's New Moon brings an opportunity for you to show your natural talents. After that, you'll fit right in, with the right 'gang'.

December 09, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope: It seems that you can always do better/more. There are always wiser ways. Smarter options. Things you could (or should) have done. This is particularly true when there are people who like to criticise you around. They're pragmatic. But not especially sensitive. Which means they easily undermine your confidence. It would be better if they kept their views to themselves. You can turn down the volume on any unhelpful critiques this week. Don't allow anyone to dampen your spirits. Trust yourself. Your instincts are spot on.

December 08, 2023

Yesterday, I asked if you'd ever experienced the feeling of not having a full range of sensory input. I used an example of swimming under water, or your ears popping in a plane. Of course, it wasn't your hearing that was in question. More that what you're being shown by the cosmos is lacking the full facts. This weekend, following Mercury's link to your traditional ruler, Jupiter, you'll find the missing info falls into place. Which allows you to see where you need to step next in order to move towards accepting a great opportunity.

December 07, 2023

Have you ever swum underwater, or experienced your ears popping on an aeroplane? It's such a relief when we can hear clearly again. To struggle without a full spectrum of our usual senses makes everything more difficult. We need to exert more energy just trying to understand what's required. Today, if you don't feel you've got enough info (or input) to make an accurate decision, hold off. With your ruler, Neptune, moving forwards, things are about to get much clearer. And the relief you feel when clarity comes, will be worth it.

December 06, 2023

Since the invention of tea bags, the convenience of making a cuppa has dramatically improved. But what has been lost in the pursuit of speed? Perhaps, what we miss out on in our rush for a quick caffeine fix, is the meditative process of tipping leaves into the pot, and allowing them (and ourselves) a moment to brew. Not to mention the fact that it's much more difficult to read a soggy tea bag than to find meaning in the leaves at the bottom of the cup! Today, to find a sense of purpose and direction, try slowing down.

December 05, 2023

When we see a closed door, it's easy to assume there's no way through it. Even if we can't see any bolts or locks, we don't think about trying to open it. Today, as Venus and Saturn connect, a gateway of potential opens in your world. The barrier between your current circumstances and your creative purpose is lower than it has been for a while. This is an opportunity to knock on a door that's been closed. If you find the courage to push against it, you'll find that it opens and takes you to a future where things feel a little easier.