22 of December - 20 of January capricorn

Capricorn forecast for Saturday January 29, 2022

Your February Monthly Horoscope: If you're imprisoned, what's that key doing in your pocket? If you're trapped, why are you free to move in any direction? What's holding you back is far more restrictive than a physical restraint. A sense of fear or duty is telling you that a certain option isn't available to you. But this month, you get the chance to renegotiate your responsibilities. You just need to decide what you want to be free of, and what you want to free yourself for! With Mars in your sign, connecting to Venus, you have both choice and opportunities. Go for it.

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January 28, 2022

What makes someone an 'outsider' or an 'underdog'? What are the criteria? How is the benchmark set? We are, every one of us, more judgmental than we like to think. We make instant assumptions. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, our opinions are formed, our minds are made up and, from that point, it takes a lot of work to change them. But it is possible. As retrograde Mercury connects with Pluto this weekend, if you're open to the possibility of being wrong about someone, something exciting can occur.

January 27, 2022

It wasn't long ago that we were discussing the powers you were developing as Venus, the planet of love, entered Capricorn. Following a few weeks of retrograde motion, it's about to move forwards again, bringing a reboot of charm. Your persuasive powers are growing stronger and your magnetism is pulling people into your world. It would be unwise to underestimate your potential. If you acknowledge your power, you can use it to create inspiring connections that help you to attain impressive achievements.

January 26, 2022

As a Capricorn, you have a lot of respect for those in authority. Interestingly, members of your sign often rise to positions of high status themselves. Yet, that doesn't mean that you're not gullible. In fact, sometimes you can be surprisingly impressionable; you might believe what someone's telling you because of their tone of voice or the way they look. Or, you might give them the benefit of the doubt because that's what you'd like them to give you. If something sounds dubious today, don't override your instincts.

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 9 January 1982

January 25, 2022

No matter what's unsettling you or making you uncomfortable, you're on the way towards finding reasons to celebrate. Even though the planets are light years away and, in theory at least, totally unaware of you and what you're hoping to achieve, you're being supported by a kindly sky. As retrograde Mercury joins Mars and Venus in your sign, tangible cosmic assistance is making its presence felt. You just need to open yourself to the possibilities. Be ready to recognise and seize chances to instigate positive change.

January 24, 2022

It's one of those times when life seems to be presenting you with unanswerable questions, conversations you're not looking forward to having, and tasks you don't feel like doing. That's the arrival of Mars, the power planet, in your sign. The good news is that, in your efforts to deal with the challenges you face, you're going to be extremely successful! Today, if you begin with the right attitude - by having confidence in your abilities and faith in your heart, your first steps will quickly gather momentum. There's much you can achieve.

January 23, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: We don't get many second chances in life. And when we do, we might not even recognise them. So, here's an alert! Your first judgement about someone was too hasty. You didn't give yourself enough time to get to know them, and a potential ally may have been lost. Fortunately, this week, as Mars and Mercury enter your sign, there's a gift in store. You might have to admit that you made a mistake, but it's a small price to pay. The cosmos is bringing you a chance to review your opinion, and, if it feels right, change your mind.

January 22, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Some people sleep better in a hotel than in their own bed. There are countless reasons for this. The hotel mattress might be higher quality... newer than the lumpy mattress they're used to. Or it could simply be that when we're away from home, some of the usual pressures are lifted and sleep comes easier. A new and unfamiliar situation presents itself in your life this week. You might be a little wary at first, but you'll be surprised how quickly you adapt. It will inspire you to alter an uncomfortable situation so that it suits you.

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