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Aries forecast for Wednesday December 06, 2023

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What do we win when our gain is to somebody else's detriment? How can we justify the joy of success when we know someone has missed out? It sometimes feels like we're all pushing past each other to reach an imaginary finishing post. But can't we choose to live another way? Instead of hardening ourselves against knowing that in hustling past we might be causing upset, suppose we go out of our way to help others along their way? Today, you have the power to enable someone. To feel like a winner, lead with your heart.

Embrace the forthcoming year with a sense of anticipation and optimism. Your

December 05, 2023

Ask any relationship or self-help guru, and they'll talk about the need to have good boundaries. But what do they mean? That we should build protective fences around our hearts? Boundaries are meaningless if there are no consequences to crossing them. Like lines drawn in the sand, although the intention might be to prevent something from happening, in practice nothing changes. Today, as Venus connects with Saturn (the cosmic teacher), the lines of operation in your world can be adjusted to your benefit.

December 04, 2023

You're no stranger to danger. But does that mean (as some people seem to think) that you seek thrills at all costs? Are you really some kind of daredevil who enjoys non-stop drama? Deep down, part of you appreciates life's quieter moments too, if only to enhance the excitement of those times when you push yourself to the limit. That's why you work so hard to create a world where you can achieve this contrast! Today, the cosmos encourages you to focus on your heart's truest desires. Don't shy away from that challenge.

December 03, 2023

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: To some degree in your relationship world, you've got no option other than to play a waiting game. It's uncomfortable, but you're not in control of a particular process. It's unfolding at its own pace. And you need to accept this (or risk driving yourself crazy!). But there are other factors you can alter. Sometimes, a sense of helplessness in one area of our world cultivates an attitude of (unnecessary/unhelpful) passivity in another. Assert yourself where appropriate this week. And be patient where you need to be. And stop worrying!

December 02, 2023

Your December Monthly Horoscope: It's as if you're getting close to making an important decision. But wait! Like in those TV courtroom dramas, where the defence's argument has been destroyed, and the outcome seems inevitable, here comes a new witness, with evidence that turns everything on its head. Their version of events reveals a dramatic new perspective, that can't be ignored. December brings opportunities to learn and benefit (both emotionally and materially) from new discoveries. Stay open-minded. And listen. You'll love what's in store.

December 01, 2023

I thought we might try a little experiment. I'm going to picture a shape, and you're going to try to guess what I'm picturing. Ready? Let's go. What did you see? Boom! Spot on! Now you try sending me one, and I'll try to guess yours. Then I'll mentally send you my image and you can let me know if I got it right... I did! Obviously, this game doesn't reflect genuine psychic abilities. But with someone in your life, you do share a powerful ability to transfer your thoughts on a psychic level. This weekend, that gift could be very valuable.

November 30, 2023

Since we're all travellers through time and space, why bother investing in a spaceship? What do you mean they haven't invented time travel yet? Aren't all of us on our own, personal journeys towards the future? It's true that we're restricted to a particular pace, but that's what our minds are for. We're free to imagine whatever we choose. The fact that we spend so much time in the past or the future is proof of that. Your mindset determines the world you live in. Make sure yours is set in a positive, forwards direction today.