21 of March - 20 of April aries

Aries forecast for Thursday December 08, 2022

There's an old song with the line, 'Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.' Given the troubled state of our world, I suspect many of us wish this was true! Yet, there's a more metaphorical take-home from this lyric. Every bump in the road, or a snag in our plans, brings opportunities. And, if we start to view our problems in this light, we not only appreciate the meaning of the song, we find our approach to life's inevitable setbacks - and they become easier to deal with. Something tricky holds treasure today.

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December 07, 2022

That's enough of that particular game. The final whistle has been blown. If a goal goes in the net now, it won't count. Phew! No matter how action-packed and gripping it's been, the important thing to be aware of is that it's all over. The coming Full Moon brings a pause. Soon enough, there'll be another match to follow or a different drama to get caught up in. In the meantime, you can let go and move on. And stop trying to work out where recent events have left you. You're in a very good position to move on towards success.

December 06, 2022

Delegation is an essential managerial skill. Being in a position of responsibility and knowing what needs to be done is one thing. Pulling it off whilst juggling all the other tasks on your agenda is another. But assigning a mission involves a level of trust. Other people might not do things as well or effectively as we'd do them. Yet it's possible they'll see something we've overlooked. That's why we can risk putting power into their hands. Taking a chance, and handing over some of your responsibilities will turn out extremely well today.

December 05, 2022

Looking down from space at planet Earth was an emotional real-life experience for William Shatner who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek. It must have looked tiny (and vulnerable) from so far away. Even if we fly across it, on a plane, it seems small compared to walking from A to B. But speed of travel, or distance, is only one part of the experience. Surely, the most important thing about the journey through life, is appreciating the sights and sounds along the way? Today brings a reason to be delighted about the route you've chosen.

Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

December 04, 2022

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Some people think arguing should be the next Olympic sport! They see any debate as something to be won or lost, and are convinced they have the skills to take the gold medal. Recently, you've found yourself involved in a situation of conflict. Do you think you've won the argument? What if they feel the same? The truth lies somewhere in between. This week's Full Moon sheds light on the nuances of both your positions. If you can be the bigger person and hold out an olive branch, you'll create a delightfully positive result.

December 03, 2022

Your Weekly Horoscope: Luckily, you've got a lot of style. So the fact that someone (or something) is cramping it is annoying. Although no one else seems to have noticed, you feel it. You're feeling restricted by the limitations placed on you. There are so many things you can't do. You're experiencing a lack of resources. And you've got too many responsibilities and commitments. Even if all these issues aren't resolved this week, your attitude can transform. There are advantages to being held back. This experience is fuelling you with the tools to excel (fast) soon.

December 02, 2022

Relationships are complicated. People get on wonderfully well one moment, and act like sworn enemies the next. How can that be? Well, we humans are an unpredictable, inconstant and idiosyncratic bunch. None of us are 'normal'. And since we're also social creatures, it's inevitable that when any two of us get together it doesn't take long before our quirks start to get annoying. This weekend, if your buttons are pressed, tap into the Neptunian energy. By staying calm, you can deepen trust and understanding.

December 01, 2022

Some people don't believe that anything happens by 'chance'. But how can they be certain about that? Is every event in our lives carefully planned before we arrive on planet Earth? Or do things evolve randomly and chaotically? Or, is it a mix of the two? No matter the answer, as Neptune, the planet of dreams, hangs still in the sky, you're the recipient of a wonderful moment of serendipity. Whether or not something's 'meant to be' today, it certainly feels as if you're going with the flow. And that the celestial forces are smiling on you.