Aries forecast for Friday February 26, 2021

If we didn't have knees, our mobility would be reduced. Yet, we can't do very much with these joints on their own. The same can be said for the concerns and doubts that float around in the back of our minds; when we give them too much attention we lose perspective; they can become so problematic that we're unable to recognise their potential, and overlook the advantages they inspire. You've been dwelling on a problem for long enough. The Full Moon reveals the positives it holds.

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February 25, 2021

When you're not sure of your exact whereabouts, how can you work out how to get to where you want to go? And if you're certain about your location, let's hope that you're right! Think of little kids who have no idea whether London's next door to Cardiff, or whether Rome's close to New York. Even if their lack of information has no effect on their confidence, if they were setting off on the actual journey, they'd need an extra large lunchbox. A realistic sense of perspective will help you succeed.

February 24, 2021

Just becauses scientists have been unable to prove the existence of God, beauty or astrology doesn't mean that they don't exist. They're matters of opinion or belief. Nor does it indicate that anyone who values them in their lives is foolish. Actually, it's a testament to the fact that some concepts are intangible; they can't be weighed or measured. If you use a less pragmatic process of comparison, it will be easier for you to see that many of your recent concerns are becoming irrelevant.

February 23, 2021

The thought of making a comparison between older people and younger folk might not seem relevant today. After all, you don't want to hear my philosophising; you just want to know how your day's going to be. Yet, doesn't it rely on how well a current situation progresses and unfolds? And isn't this largely dependent on your previous experience? Exactly! If you want to ensure a positive outcome, your best bet is to bring a youthful sense of optimism to the task you're tackling. You can do it!

Celebrity Aries

Victoria Beckham 17 April 1974

February 22, 2021

We all like recognition and appreciation. We enjoy being thanked and praised. Scientific evidence proves that when we feel validated and approved of, our brains release hormones that affect our bodies and make us feel good. We can, of course, get addicted to this sensation (which might explain why certain people will do anything to get into the limelight!) But that doesn't make it okay to choose only the choices that are most likely to make us popular. Being true to yourself is key today.

February 21, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: 'If you want to grow, you need to get over any fear you may have of making mistakes'. Personal development guru John Maxwell was simply putting into business-speak the old adage that 'the person who never made a mistake, never made anything'. It's not always easy to brush off an error; but our missteps help shape who we are. With Mercury now direct, bridges can be rebuilt... and, as Venus changes signs, there's a real prospect of romantic opportunities, make no mistake!

February 20, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: There's no point disagreeing this week. But then, when is there ever such a 'need'? We rarely disagree because we have to, we usually do it because we want to. If there's a genuine need to inform someone about an alternative point of view, surely it makes better sense to educate rather than explain? Disagreements don't convince anyone of anything. Why, then, is someone disagreeing with you? You don't need to be drawn into a fight. You can use your understanding to create calm.

February 19, 2021

In my imagination, I'm writing your forecast from a sandy beach, listening to the sound of waves lapping gently on golden sand. I wish you could join me in my dream - but I suppose you are, in a way! Notice how each wave comes a little bit further up the beach. As long as we keep alert, we'll be able to avoid getting our feet wet by stepping back a bit as they roll towards us. That's what's making me think of you. As Mars and Venus link, a tide of positive change is coming your way.

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