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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 10 to 16 February

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

debbie frank horoscope

Debbie Frank, astrologer to the stars and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, shares her horoscopes of the week with HELLO! Online readers. Debbie is the author of Written in the Stars. Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you...


You are the ra-ra ram with Venus in Aries in Valentine's week – so spread the love and feel it radiate from your aura. Heartfelt happenings link you with those who share your vibration of emotional honesty. It has to be for real.


Whilst others are all-out, you're preferring private time and space with those you love. Put it down to Venus's strict door policy in the most hidden away sector of your skies. Only those who have your special codes and keys can access it.


You're a crowd-pleaser, so let the love vibes out to play this week. Flirting with life activates the feel-good-factor, so deliver your words with the joyful quality that lands as a smile. It's fun, for everyone!


The love planet Venus is your chandelier, directly overhead at the moment. So take full advantage of the flattering lighting and enjoy its special effects. As Mars, planet of desire zooms into Capricorn next Sunday, relationships could take off like a rocket!


The after-party of the Leo Full Moon continues and whilst Venus and Mars remain in fire signs you're basking in the glow - receiving and transmitting the fabulous pheromones! Yet the communication planet Mercury is slowing down and back-flipping through the heavens from next Monday. You need to think straight..


You are the curator, fixer and problem solver of the zodiac. Constantly re-arranging elements of life to improve and perfect. It's all going well, yet there's a niggling feeling that you might have left something out. Mercury's upcoming retrograde is signalling: double check everything.


If January crushed the Libran sense of justice in the world and humanity, never forget that hope springs eternal. Especially when the upcoming special alignment of Jupiter and Neptune can vanquish fear and trepidation in an instant. Hold that thought in your heart.


Why is it that on one day out of 365, roses and hearts are supposed to appear and everything in the love department is commercially designed to be hunky dory? As a Scorpio with your x-ray vision, you can't be fooled. You know love is far more complex, extraordinary and far deeper than that.


As the red planet Mars spends its final week in your sign and isn't due back for a couple of years it's time to do what you've got to do. Whether it's a giant leap or a small but deliberate step, take this action now. You won't regret it.


The presence of the trio of planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your sign creates an enormous sense of re-calibration. As if you're changing operating systems in your consciousness. In the process it's not unusual to not know what you think anymore…


Although the Sun in Aquarius is usually your time to rise and shine you've got far more important celestial activity to come this Spring. Mars and Saturn are heading your way late March with a huge agenda. All inessential activities will cease, whilst your big work begins.


Mercury's passage through Pisces has only just started but will last an unusually long time due to its retrograde motion which begins on the 17th. You'll sense something in the water this week. Your extra sensory perception is picking up what someone isn't saying.

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