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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 25 to 31 October

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debbie frank horoscope

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Sensible Saturn is reminding you to rein it in a little and not get seduced into an array of fanciful options. Just for now, keep your feet on the ground and your mind in practical mode. It might not seem glamorous, but the rewards will be evident soon enough.


Arriving into Scorpio season is your cue to take other people's presence in your life more seriously. Especially those who've been around for the long haul. Your own loyalty is rarely in question, but you've sometimes given it to those who haven't appreciated your unfailingly supportive qualities.


Perhaps you're attracted to someone who's elusive nature is hard to read. However, you have to admit that you have a pressing need to tick some boxes at the moment and their sheer unavailability is wearing thin. Make it clear that you can't wait around forever.


Your creative side is being fired up as the Sun accents the most playful area of your skies. You could lose yourself in fantasy land, but something tells you to drop anchor, take stock and find a safe space from where you can assess your reality. Channel your inner sage.


Your dream machine is working overtime filling you with longings and fantasies that are hard to translate into real life. As Saturn's practical push is evident at the end of the week, looking at what you truly need as a bottom line is your best starting point. Build from there.


Curating and editing are favourite pastimes of the ever-diligent Virgo. So eliminating the less-than-desirable elements is second nature which makes you wonder why others complain about having to make these cuts. It's all about being willing to let go because the time has come.


Although your romantic streak is still alive, you're well aware of having to simply tough out a financial issue. It is a case of needs-must which means taking responsibility for seeing things through. Who said you can't create beautiful things by taking it slowly?


Sun in Scorpio lights you up like a 150 watt light bulb, but then crosses the shadow path of Saturn at the week's end. Significant decisions, karmic turning points and your own resilience come to the surface. Wow you can be so absolute when you need to be!


Venus and Neptune can be so seductive, before you know it you are in the grip of the least sensible thing! Keep your wits about you and look at the consequences rather than the promise. In fact, taking some time out to think things through will work in your favour.


Whilst a team of associates or group of friends are wildly enthusiastic about a particular idea, you can see the pitfalls. It's not that you want to rain on their parade, but you can clearly see why it wouldn't work. Tell them your thoughts. They will thank you in the long run.


You're experiencing a huge push to make things happen in the final period of 2021. Which is all to the good, especially as you can ride on the wings of abundant Jupiter which will not revisit your sign for another 11 years. So stay positive, feet on the ground, eyes on the main chance.


It's perfectly possible that your intuitive streak is spot on, but haven't you sometimes been concerned about events that never happened or if they did were not so full of dramatic effect as you feared? This is a time to assess carefully and act wisely, all things considered.

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