Weekly horoscope: 31 January to 6 February

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A great whoosh of new energy downloads with the New Moon on Tuesday which also ushers in Chinese New Year with the roar of the Year of the Tiger. However, it's the wise move rather than the impulse one that delivers the best results. Keep things simple and real.


You tend to be risk averse – yet Uranus in Taurus is putting you in the hot seat more often than you would naturally choose. Any new beginning carries an air of fragility, yet it is precisely your sure-footed ways that create a solid base. This week is for urging caution instead of throwing it to the wind.


You'd love to press the fast forward button and get on with the rest of your life. However, Saturn is putting you through your paces so you attend to practical details. As your ruling planet Mercury changes direction on Friday there could be some extra issues to deal with before you can take off.


You could be weighing up both the financial and emotional cost of what's going on. Even though the New Moon opens up a new possibility you need to spend time weighing up what's right for you. In recent months you've begun to think differently about what you truly value. So you're not about to sell out.


Although the balance is changing around a relationship or some lions are receiving new vibes from a new person, you're advised to hold your fire! This is because Mercury is still retrograde until Friday and the Sun's serious meeting with Saturn means you can't under-estimate the true significance of your 'other'.


The incoming energy of the New Moon and Chinese New Year feels like a jolt. An urge to do something different. But not too fast as Mercury is still spinning backwards until Friday and the Sun's union with sensible Saturn urges you to be cool, calm and collected. Gather your thoughts and emotions – being grounded is your health passport.


Your spirit is beginning to feel lighter from the New Moon on February 1st, yet you're well aware that you still have some unfinished business to deal with. Friday brings you face to face with some kind of karma from the past. The decisions you made or how you allowed others to call the shots. Now you re-think it.


Your personal and inner life receive a cosmic care package this week. It's not exactly a hug from the universe, more like Saturn's bottom line medicine which builds you from the inside out. Doing what needs to be done can feel immensely gratifying and strengthening. Pretty soon you'll feel 100% better.


Don't believe everything you hear whilst Mercury continues to spin stories until Friday. It's absolutely vital that you take the right path, backed up by a reality check. Of course, it's interesting to hear about people's grand plans and play with ideas but you have to have your business hat on too.


You may be keen to begin a new thread in a business venture yet more research needs to be done before you commit. What turns up this week prompts you to act as the cautious Capricorn when things are not adding up as they should. You would prefer to be wise before rather than after the event.


A New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday is the cosmic trigger point for Chinese New Year and a personal re-brand for the water bearer in need of fresh input. You're absolutely ready to turn over a new leaf and Saturn's presence in your sign ensures you start with your eyes wide open and your intentions clear.


You can no doubt sense a change in the air with the New Moon pulsing your inklings and intuition. However, give yourself time to let things form as your main leap forward will be in the Spring. For now it's all about allowing the dream to take shape and to establish how it will manifest.

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