Your weekly horoscope revealed for 24 to 30 January

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Big plans are underway that will drive your ambitions forward. Having those all-important discussions turns things around and removes obstacles. Patience may not be your strong point, but you've learned to hold your fire and watch it burn brighter for when the time is right.


One step at a time is your preferred way to tackle an overwhelming set of entanglements. As you carry a firm intention you'll find a pathway that vanquishes any old struggles. Get ready for a sudden breakthrough that expands your field of opportunity.


You can surprise people with a forensic knowledge of the facts, especially when it comes to the small-print involving your business interests and valuables. If you're in financial negotiation involving your share, involvement or contractual obligations this is the time to get to those salient points.


Mars in Capricorn over the next six weeks adds fuel to the fire that is already burning in your zone of relationship. This could be a wonderful chemistry or a dynamic duel that takes you to the edge of reason. Yet you've always known that your emotional intelligence is far wiser than logic.


The tempo of your life picks up once red hot Mars spreads the heat in the zone of your day-to-day affairs. You want to get going and tick things off your list that will improve how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. A radical turn-around is perfectly possible once you set your mind to it.


You've got a pretty clear idea about what needs attention in your life, yet Mercury retrograde continues to bring up new issues. You'll be surprised at how much gets resolved once you make a single important decision as it will have a knock-on effect on all other areas.


A cluster of celestial activity in the most personal zone of your chart urges you to spend some time working on yourself, your home, family and inner life. Perhaps what you're doing in the outside world is a distraction, but unless you fix your foundations they continue to wobble. Take a deep breath and look inside.


There's no-one quite like a Scorpio for getting to the point. It's because you see beneath the surface to what lies at the core and in a nanosecond you understand what's happening on a very deep level. Isn't it time you made your talents known by voicing what you know to be true?


Digging deep into facts and figures is essential to your decision making this week as some things may not be blindingly obvious unless you do your homework. Once you've got this vital information at your fingertips you can use it to perform a startling manoeuvre that means your one step ahead of the game.


Mars ups the ante in your sign and five out of 10 planets reside with you from mid-week, creating a strong force field around you. Venus moves forward and Mercury and Pluto pulse you a moment of truth next weekend. It's all about where you go from here with a significant other.


Keeping things to yourself is relatively easy when they feel entirely private and personal. After all, Aquarians are a law unto themselves! You're building up a databank of knowledge and awareness that will be translated into action in March and April when Venus and Mars tango through your sign.


Where you are part of the greater whole in terms of groups, teams, organisations and networks there's a larger requirement to step up to the plate. Perhaps it's quite simply your turn or your role is being re-defined but you know in your heart of hearts if it's going to suit you or not.

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