27 JULY 2004

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While Prince Harry threw himself into the festivities at a post-polo party at Windsor, the Duchess of York's daughter Princess Beatrice was discreetly enjoying the company of her escort, a member of a wealthy Italian family, at the same event.

The Prince celebrated with an outgoing group of friends, and Lord Freddie Windsor shared a table with high-profile young actresses Scarlett Johansson and Camila Rutherford at the weekend bash, which wrapped up the Cartier International Polo event. Meanwhile, low-key Beatrice was chatting quietly with 17-year-old Carlo Carello.

"They looked like a showbiz couple," said one observer, adding: "When they posed for pictures, she looked a little reluctant but he took control. He put a reassuring arm around her and told her it would be okay."

Only time will tell if the handsome young man and the teenage princess are more than just friends, as those in her mum's circle say the two aren't officially a pair. "There is nothing serious in it as far as I'm aware," said one pal.

And a spokesperson for the Duchess spoke out about press reports branding Carlo, who turns 18 in September, an "older man". "They are very much of a similar age," said the representative, insisting: "They are not going out."

Princess Beatrice, 15, was discreetly spending time with 17-year-old Carlo Carello, as stars such as Scarlett Johansson mingled with her young royal relatives
Photo: Rex
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Prince Harry, meanwhile, made headlines as he partied with his close group of pals
Photo: Rex



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