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In the video the New York senator and her husband parody the final scene of The Sopranos, in which mob boss Tony goes through the musical selection at a suburban diner. The clip announces the campaign song selected to accompany Hillary's bid for the US presidency
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Her husband former President Bill Clinton co-stars in the video, which also features real-life Sopranos star Vincent Curatola

Hillary and Bill beef up White House bid with 'Sopranos' spoof

20 JUNE 2007

A diner, a jukebox and a memorable song: the scene was a winning formula for The Sopranos finale, which was watched by millions when the episode aired on American TV earlier this month. And now Hillary Clinton is hoping it will work wonders for her presidential campaign. The New York senator has cast herself in the role of mobster Tony Soprano for an online spoof of the final moments of the mafia series.

The humorous video - which also features husband Bill Clinton - was posted on Hillary's campaign website and YouTube to publicise the outcome of a competition to choose her campaign song. (Click here to view the video). In the event Celine Dion's You And I was chosen.

In the clip, Hillary - like the mob boss - flicks through the juke box selections at a café near her home in Chappaqua, New York, as the former President questions his wife about the campaign and the song contest winner. The music that plays through the video is not the Canadian diva's, however, but Don't Stop Believin', Tony Soprano's choice in the show.

Hillary, meanwhile, orders carrots for her husband, prompting Bill to complain about having to eat healthily. "No onion rings?" asks one of the world's most influential men forlornly, playing on the fact that the mafia kingpin ate onion rings in his final appearance. The finishing touch comes in the form of actor Vincent Curatola - who played New York boss Johnny (Sack) Sacramoni - who appears to give the couple a long, ominous glare.

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