28 AUGUST 2007

An extraordinary nationwide survey commissioned by HELLO! magazine has shown that Princess Diana's legacy is as powerful as ever ten years after her tragic demise in a Paris car crash. Ninety per cent of women believe no modern-day celebrity has come close to replacing the late Princess on the world stage.

And 84 per cent say other high-profile figures Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Madonna in no way challenge her iconic status in terms of charity work or media coverage. The survey results, published in Issue 985 of the magazine, also reveal that nine out of ten women believe the Princess' place in history is assured.

Over half said news of the tragic car crash in which she died had more impact on them than the murder of Beatle John Lennon in 1980, while 50 per cent also said it touched them more than the death of Elvis Presley. Two-thirds of those questioned pointed to her charity work as what Diana will be remembered for, together with her empathy for suffering.

Respondents had some pretty clear-cut views, too, about Diana's sons Princes William and Harry, who have been orchestrating the events to mark the anniversary of her death. Seven out of ten women interviewed believed they are doing just what their mother would have wanted with their lives.

The survey also reveals what members of the public think the Princess would be doing now - whether she would have married Dodi Fayed or would be living a new life as a singleton in America, much like her sister-in-law the Duchess of York.

For more fascinating results see Issue 985 of HELLO! magazine, on sale now.

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The latest issue of HELLO! magazine contains the results of a nationwide survey on Diana. The fascinating details it reveals include the fact that a third of those questioned believe she would have married her lover Dodi Fayed had they both not lost their lives in the Paris car crashClick on photo to enlarge