Despite her boyfriend being miles away and the fact that summer is about to begin in her much-missed homeland, Prince Harry's girlfriend Chelsy Davy is apparently determined to complete her two-year stint as a student in climatically-challenged Leeds. "She's going to stick it out. She's not a quitter," a pal says of the homesick 22-year-old.

Chelsy, who's studying for a postgraduate degree in politics and law, has made no secret of the fact she prefers her native South Africa to the northern city where she is currently based. While she's usually down in London at the weekends visiting her royal beau, the pretty blonde - who's reported to be enjoying her course at the university - has also established a few favourite haunts in Leeds.

One of them is city-centre nightclub Warehouse, whose Thursday night tequila parties she's been known to drop in on. An outlet of bar chain Vodka Revolution is another popular venue, while for more sedate social occasions she opts for Café Rouge, a faux-French café and bistro.

Although the pretty Zimbabwean hasn't has much chance to make use of her carefully garnered local knowledge in entertaining her Prince - Harry appears to have only ventured north once since her arrival - it will come in handy next year when some pals from back home arrive. "She doesn’t have any southern African friends at Leeds Uni, although next year a lot more friends from there are moving to the UK, which she is happy about," says a pal.

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Although Prince Harry's pretty girlfriend is understood to be missing her sun-drenched homeland while studying for her postgraduate degree in the decidedly less balmy climate of Leeds, a pal has revealed that she has no intention of quitting her course earlyPhoto: © Rex Click on photo to enlarge