Royalty and statesmen

The chat show queen and music icon were star guests at Sunday night's LA rally ahead of Super Tuesday when 19 US states vote on their choice for presidential nominee
Photo: Rex
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Mr Obama's wife Michelle who took to the stand to speak to the 3,000-strong crowd - hosted the event
Photo: Rex

Oprah and Stevie on-side for Obama ahead of Super Tuesday

With the time ticking away before 19 US states vote on presidential nominees during key votes on what is known as Super Tuesday, the wife of White House hopeful Barack Obama enlisted the help of two of her husband's very special supporters at a campaign rally in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Raising some last minute support for the Democratic candidate at the event organised by Michelle Obama were chat show queen Oprah Winfrey and Stevie Wonder.

While the music icon pulled out his harmonica and played a tune for the 3,000-strong crowd, Oprah took the stand to tell women they shouldn't feel guilty if they preferred the Illinois senator for president instead of female candidate Hillary Clinton, who is currently neck-and-neck with Mr Obama in the latest polls. "Being free means you get to think for yourself," said Oprah. "And you get to decide for yourself what to do."