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The Duchess of Cornwall's pearl necklace brought a touch of glamour to the white uniform she was given on her visit to a bakery in South Gloucestershire on Tuesday
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Meanwhile in London her husband Prince Charles was decked out in a similar outfit to tour a London hospital's kitchen where he was told about locally sourced organic food
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Kitchen style on the menu for Charles and Camilla on royal visits

Though she's renowned for her spot-on sartorial style, there was an outfit with a difference waiting for the Duchess of Cornwall at a bakery in South Gloucestershire on Tuesday. Prince Charles' wife donned a hygiene uniform - consisting of a white coat and hat - as she was shown how to make Easter cookies on the visit.

After getting to grips with the preparation process, the 60-year-old royal got to work with a biscuit cutter, and impressed staff by preparing a whole batch of cookies. "She was very good - we're worried she could be after our jobs," joked supervisor Kay Ralph.

Meanwhile in London Prince Charles was decked out in a similar outfit during a visit to the kitchens of Chelsea's Royal Brompton Hospital. The Queen's eldest son was there to hear about locally sourced organic food served to patients and to attend a healthy-eating seminar.

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