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The British premier was meeting Democratic candidate Barack Obama for the first time
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Next came Mrs Clinton, who has known Mr Brown for almost 20 years
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As well as covering political issues, Republican John McCain asked the UK leader about British generals in WWII
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Gordon Brown meets front-runners in the White House race

18 APRIL 2008
While in the US to talk with President George Bush Britain's prime minister, Gordon Brown, took time to meet with each of the American premier's possible successors. Taking time out from their campaigning in the White House race to join Mr Brown at the British ambassador's residence were democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well as republican nominee John McCain.

The three 45-minute meetings, which took place over three hours, came before the British leader was welcomed to the White House. Mindful to show no bias, Mr Brown met his guests in alphabetical order - based on forenames - and had made sure he was up to date on issues by watching Obama and Hillary's Wednesday night debate in Philadelphia on TV.

Meeting with Illinois senator Barack Obama was significant for Mr Brown. Not only as he's the current favourite to win the Democratic vote, but also because it was the first time they've met face-to-face. The British premier has encountered the other candidates on previous occasions, especially Hillary, whom he has known for the best part of two decades.