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Barack jokes about Becks' underwear line

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It started out as a ceremony to congratulate LA Galaxy for winning the US soccer league.But thanks to Barack Obama, the White House reception swiftly turned into a Mickey-taking session at the expense of David Beckham


Turning to the 37-year-old player, the president described him as a "young up and comer".He added: "I have to say I gave David Beckham a hard time, and told him half the team could be his kids. We're getting old, David.''Much to the amusement of David's team-mates, the ribbing continued. "He is tough. It is rare a man can be that tough on the field and also have his own line of underwear," said the premier. David took it all on the chin, smiling with embarrassment while his sports colleagues roared with laughter. LA Galaxy were shown around the presidential abode after the speech, during which they presented Mr Obama with a personised team shirt.


A kick-around with children was scheduled to take place on the South Lawn, but due to bad weather it was cancelled and the players took part in a question and answer session inside instead. It's not the first time Victoria's husband has met the US president and his wife Michelle. He last saw them in May 2011 during a dinner they put on at the US ambassador’s residence in London.'We talk about hair!': Zac Efron on hanging out with BecksDavid reveals his talent for design