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A look at the tiaras Princess Maxima may wear to the Dutch inauguration

When Princess Maxima becomes the Netherlands' Queen consort, she will wear a headdress worthy of that title.

Gone will be the delicate tiaras that were the hallmarks of her years as Crown Princess, replaced by a more dazzling headpiece that reflects her royal promotion.



Maxima may well be inspired by her mother-in-law when choosing a headpiece on the day her husband Crown Prince Willem-Alexander is crowned King.

Pearls remain a sentimental favourite of both Maxima and Queen Beatrix. The Princess often chooses them to be the central feature in the tiaras that she wears. Beatrix, the oldest reigning monarch of the Netherlands, chose a classic tiara decorated with pearls and diamonds with a matching set of earrings, a necklace and a brooch at her coronation in 1980.

Although pearls would be the obvious choice for Maxima, the Princess has also sported an array of colourful jewels including sapphires, emeralds and rubies. However, diamonds are always the focal point in each of these headresses and so the floral motif diadem which Maxima wore on a state visit to Quatar may be a contender.

To see a full gallery of the tiaras Princess Maxima may wear at the Dutch inauguration, click on the photos below.

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