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7 things to know about Prince George's new little sister (or brother)

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Spring is fast approaching, and that means we are gettingcloser to the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newest addition. And while all eyes are on the Duchess of Cambridge’s growing baby bump,here are the facts we can already reveal about Prince George’sbaby brother or sister.

Kate is getting ready for some sleepless nights Photo: Getty Images

1. Hands-on parentsJust like with their first born, Will and Kate will behandling the feedings, diaper changes and all the other tasks involved withhaving a newborn as they have chosen to not hire a baby nurse. “As new parents,the Duke and the Duchess wish to enjoy being with their new baby and all thatthis entails,” a royal source exclusively told our sister publication in the U.K., HELLO! magazine. “There are no plans to advertise for a nanny or a maternity nurse.”

Prince George was close to 3 months old when William askedhis former nanny Jessie Webb to help out, and then his current nanny Maria Borrallo came aboard whenhe was 8 months.

Presenting Prince George in July 2013 Photo: Getty Images

2. Pink or blue forbaby No. 2During one of her January appearances, Kate referred to hergrowing baby bump as “it” because she and her husband have decided once again not to not findout the gender in advance. She told one of the teens who made her way to KensingtonLeisure Centre, “It's moving all the time," she said. "I can feel itkicking now."

During William’s Washington D.C. trip in December, the Prince also mentioned to President Obama that, when their first baby arrived he didn’t realize what he and Kate had at first. "I remember when George was born,I forgot to work out whether it was a boy or a girl," he explained. "The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos. You aresuddenly... well actually it's a boy."

Getting tips from dad-of-two President Obama? Photo: Getty Images

3. Grandma to therescueSoon after Prince George was born, Kate and William madetheir way to her family home in Berkshire to bond with the little Prince andhave assistance from her mother, Carole Middleton. William was able to spend two weeks ofpaternity leave there also bonding with his son. It is no surprise that Carolewill be super-granny once again and very hands-on with her second grandchild. She can beseen taking her George to the local market and tending to the active tot.

As for Prince Charles, he also can’t wait to have anothergrandchild. In October, he shared, "I'm happy I'm going to be a grandfatheragain. I'm looking forward to it — but I hope it will be a girl this time."

The expectant grandparents Photo: Getty Images

4. Aries vs.TaurusIt’s been said that Kate will be giving birth toward the endof April and right around her and William’s fourth wedding anniversary on April29, or near Queen Elizabeth’s 88th birthday on April 21, but the baby may make his or her appearance sooner.

Artist Paul Cummins, who created the Blood Swept Lands andSeas of Red installation, mentioned that Kate was already suffering severe morning sickness at the beginning of August at his event. “Kate was not goingto come as, though it had not been announced, she was already pregnant and suffering,”he told The Sunday Times. “But she insisted. It was her last public outing fora while.” The Palace issued a statement on September 8 saying the royals wereadding to their family.

5. Royal announcementThe first person to know whether they in fact have welcomed aboy or girl is the Queen’s surgeon-gynecologist, Alan Farthing. The doctordelivered Prince George in July 2013 and will be on hand for their secondchild.

While Kate rests in the Lido Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, theworld will be informed once Buckingham Palace releases the details. The royalsource explained, “This information will also appear on an easel on theBuckingham Palace forecourt in the same way Prince George’s birth wasannounced.”

George accompanied his parents to Australia and New Zealand Photo: Getty Images

6. More toysthan you can imagineGeorge will have to learn to share. There is no doubt thatthe 18-month-old toddler leads a privileged life that includes being doted onand receiving tons of toys from patrons and influencers. In 2014, it was notedthat he was given 700 items from all over the world. Who could forget his giantWombat stuffed animal, given to him in Australia? He was even given his own NBAbasketball jersey from none other than Lebron James.

With the new baby, we can only imagine the gifts willdouble. Hopefully Will and Kate carved out plenty of space in their KensingtonPalace nursery for the additions.

One of the many toys George will have to share Photo: Getty Images

7. What’s ina name?Prince GeorgeAlexander Louis is quite a regal name, and one definitely fitfor a king. George has been in the family for centuries, while Kate liked the nameAlexander. So perhaps we can expect Princess Alexandra?In 2013, London bookmakers had Elizabeth and Victoria as front-runners if theyhad a girl. Those, as well as Diana, in honor of William's late mother, are very possible contenders.

As soon as it was announced Kate was expecting again, thebetting site Ladbrokes put James in the most favored name with 6 to 1 odds if thebaby turns out to be a boy. Arthur follows with 8 to 1 and Charles and Thomasare tied with 10 to 1. If they have a little princess, another site, Paddy Power, listed Victoria, Charlotte, Alice and Alexandra as the top five possibilities.

Whatever his or her name or gender, we're all terribly excited to welcome another royal baby. Until then, we leave you with this guy for your daily dash of royal toddler cuteness:

Prince George Alexander Louis Photo: Getty Images

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