Prince Albert opens up about his 'loving mother' Princess Grace

Over 30 years after the untimely death of his mother Grace Kelly, Prince Albert of Monaco opens up about how she still influences him today.

Prince Albert remembers his childhood with mother Princess Grace and father Prince Rainier fondly as seen here in 1963 Photo: Getty Images

While speaking to CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the new father said he finds it "rewarding" to see the legacy she has left. Prince Albert went on to say he saw this mother, who passed away in 1982, as a"very caring and very loving mother."

The reigning prince spoke to CNBC at the World Economic Forum Photo: Getty Images

Speaking fondly of his mother Princess Grace, he went on to say,"The way I see still today how she touched so many people's lives around the world. People that she met of course, even people that she didn't meet. Even younger generations that have learned to know about her and discover what she was about."

Grace Kelly touched the lives of many, even after her passing in 1982 Photo: Getty Images

And it wasn't just his mother who had an effect on the 56-year-old. He spoke highly of his father Prince Rainier as well, saying that both his parents instilled strong values he still lives by today.

"The common human values of, you know, trying to care for other people and trying to cater to people's needs and to listen also to what people's — not only thoughts are and problems are — but also what their hopes are," he told CNBC. "And that's what I try to do every day and I think the amount of generosity, heart and spirit that my parents showed is a tremendous example."

The Monaco royal family posed together in 1976, just six years before Princess Grace was killed in a car crash Photo: Getty Images

The Prince was attending the World Economic Forum to participate in two forums on the health of the oceans, and said that the environmental issues are"very dear to my heart". This appearance comes just a few months after his wife Princess Charlene gave birth to twins Jacques and Gabriella.

Prince Albert and Prince Charlene showed off their twins, born December 10 Photo: Getty Images

The royal couple stepped out on Thursday for an event at the Monte-Carlo casino to raise funds for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and was seen sharing a kiss on January 26 at the national celebrations for St Dévote's Day.