Sofia Hellqvist on Swedish royal family: 'I felt welcome since day one'

Just five months shy of her royal wedding to fiancé Prince Carl Philip of Sweden on June 13, Sofia Hellqvist opened up in a new revealing interview.

Sofia was quite candid during the interview

Sitting down with her fiancé for the documentary, The Year with the Royal Family , the former model, 30, discussed her first time meeting King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia and denied being treated coldly by her future-in-laws. She explained, “It has been speculated that I wasn’t embraced by the family, but it was the opposite.”

Sofia described that she met them at Solliden Palace where they had a “charming lunch” and was a “fantastic experience.” Her fiancé interjected that his mother even “gave Sofia a big hug,”

The princess-to-be added, “I felt welcome from day one and nothing else.”

In the hour long sit-down that was mostly filmed during their summer holiday at Solliden, Carl Philip, 35, also shared that he was equally welcomed by Sofia’s family. “It was like being in my own house,” he said of the visit.

Sofia and Carl Philip will wed in June 2015

Sofia also spoke about her time as a model and her reality-TV days. “Much has been written [about it] over the years, not only following our engagement,” she stated. “For me, it’s pretty boring. It happened 10 years ago, and I moved on with my life.”

She continued, “But no regrets. All experiences build a person, although I wouldn’t do it now if you asked me.”

Laughing, Sofia concluded, “I can say I have lived life 100 percent.”

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden proposed to Sofia after four years of dating

The duo also reminisced about how they met. “I was eating with friends in Baastad,” said Carl Philip. “Sofia was there with a friend and our friends knew each other. We started with a shy greeting and everything followed.”

That one fateful encounter has brought them here discussing their future and Sofia joining the royal family.

“I have spent many years with them, I know that life and know what is going to change,” she quipped. “I’m ready, no surprises, I think it will be fine.”

And her husband-to-be seemed just as confident adding, “I know it will.”