Prince George cake wins gold at baking competition

In what is surely the sweetest depiction of Prince George yet, a replica of the young royal has been made cake in form. Amateur baker Lara Mason made the sponge statue for a competition in Birmingham over the weekend – and went on to win gold for her royal masterpiece.

Lara's cake has two-year-old George wearing the red-and-white outfit he wore at christening of his baby sister Princess Charlotte in July.

The Prince's side swept blond hair and wide-eyed expression have been perfectly recreated, as have his little arms and legs.


The cake depicted Prince George at the christening of his baby sister Princess Charlotte

Lara spent 30 hours making the cake, which stands at just under 3ft tall and is built on a structure of steel, wood and PVC tubing.

The star baker from the West Midlands, who has previously won awards for her Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp-inspired cakes, entered her Prince George piece at the Cake International competition.

Lara Mason, 29, spent 30 hours making the royal masterpiece

Last year the judges gave Lara feedback, saying that they loved what she did but wanted to see more definition on a smaller scale.

"They wanted to see what I could do on a smaller scale because when it's life sized and you put it on the table, they can't see all the smaller details and the most important part on a human sculpture is a face," Lara told the BBC.

"I thought I'd do a child. He's the most famous child in the world and especially cute as well and very, very current."

George melted hearts when he attended the July event in his iconic red-and-white outfit

There were more than 1,000 entries in this year's competition held at the NEC, with bakers from all over the world entering.

Other cakes on display included Angelina Jolie's character from Maleficent and a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex's head emerging from a jungle.