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Princess Charlotte: who does she most look like?

Prince William and Kate released a beautiful photo of their daughter on her second birthday

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Happy birthday Princess Charlotte! The little girl is celebrating her second birthday on Tuesday 2 May, and in honour of her big day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released a sweet portrait of their daughter. Fans were quick to comment on how much Charlotte has grown, reminiscing on the day she was a mere tot, being cradled in her mum Kate's arms outside the hospital. And while many agreed that Charlotte is the picture of cuteness, there was some disagreement as to who she looks like the most.

Several royal watchers shared their opinions, saying that Charlotte bears a striking resemblance to her great-grandmother the Queen. With her sweet disposition, many fans left comments on Facebook, stating that Charlotte is a "double image" of Her Majesty when she was a little girl. "She has always looked like the Queen since she was a tiny baby. Strange how the resemblance comes out 3 generations on," wrote one fan. Others also saw Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret's daughter, in the young fourth-in-line to the throne.

the queen baby© Photo: Getty Images

The Queen as a toddler

How Charlotte is taking after the Queen

Many also said that Charlotte resembles her father William when he was a mere tot. While the Princess may share her mother Kate's bright-eyed look, the deep-set shape of her eyes is far more similar to William's, as is her chestnut hair. Her expression in the new portrait also calls to mind pictures of a baby William at Kensington Palace, leaning into his mother Princess Diana's arms. "She's a carbon copy of her dad, Prince William, when William was a toddler..." commented one fan. "She looks so much like him especially during William's younger years. Same eyes, nose, mouth… if you look very closely, she is identical to William."

prince william baby princess diana© Photo: Getty Images

Prince William as a baby with Princess Diana

Several also made reference to the late Diana, Princess of Wales and her side of the family, the Spencers. "She is more like the Spencers. She has the same shaped face as both William, her granddad and Diana's brother. Beautiful little girl," one fan wrote. Another commented: "Beautiful little girl very much like her daddy but I also see look of Diana in her."

Pictured: Kate as an adorable young girl

kate middleton young girl© Photo: Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge as a young girl

Others said that Charlotte is the spitting image of her mum Kate. The cherubic little girl shares the same bright, sparkling eyes as the Duchess and has a real Middleton characteristic about her – her cute round button nose. Photos of Kate and Kate's mum Carole Middleton as young girls show the same shape. It seems Charlotte also takes after her mum's side of the family with her defined brows and sweeping thick hair. "Gorgeous little girl. She is definitely a Middleton and looks like her maternal grandmother Carole," wrote one fan.

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