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Meghan Markle opens up about her first meeting with Duchess Kate

The future sisters-in-law will be neighbours at Kensington Palace

Gemma Strong
Gemma StrongOnline Digital News Director
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Meghan Markle has opened up about her first meeting with her future brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Duchess Kate. Appearing with Prince Harry in their first joint TV interview following their engagement announcement, Meghan praised the royals for welcoming her so warmly into the family. Having revealed that Harry popped the question while they cooked roast chicken together during a quiet evening at his home, the couple were asked about 36-year-old Meghan's introduction to William and Kate. "What was it like?" Harry, 33, said. "It was exciting. I mean I've - you know I'd been seeing her for a period of time when I - literally didn't tell anybody at all. And then William was longing to meet her and so was Catherine, so you know being our neighbours we managed to get that in a couple of - well quite a few times now and Catherine has been absolutely …" "Wonderful," Meghan interjected. "Amazing, as has William as well," Harry agreed. "And then my father as well." 

harry kate

Meghan Markle described future sister-in-law Kate as "wonderful"

"A handful of teas and meetings and all sorts of gatherings over at his place as well. So no, the family together have been absolutely, you know, a solid support and my grandparents as well have been - have been wonderful throughout this whole process and they've known for quite some time. So how they - how they haven't told anybody is - is again a miracle in itself. But now the whole family have come together and have been a huge amount of support."

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Meghan also confirmed that she has met the Queen "a couple of times". "It's incredible," she said of the experience. "I think, you know, a) to be able to meet her through his lens, not just with his honour and respect for her as the monarch, but the love that he has for her as his grandmother, all of those layers have been so important for me so that when I met her I had such a deep understanding and of course incredible respect for being able to have that time with her. And we've had a really - she's - she's an incredible woman."

meghan markle happy engagement

Prince Harry and Meghan will marry in the spring of 2018

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"And the corgis took to you straight away!" Harry added. "I've spent the spent the last 33 years being barked at; this one walks in, absolutely nothing…" "Just laying at my feet during tea, it was very sweet," Meghan said, laughing. "Just wagging tails, and I was just like,'Argh!'" Harry said.

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