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Find out why Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is running around the palace in heels

The Swedish royal was encouraging the public to look after their health

princess victoria
Alexandra Hurtado
New York
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Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria proved that women can do anything in heels. Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar's mum put on a pair of fancy footwear to go for a run in a new video to promote healthier lifestyles. The clip, which is a part of Generation Pep's Upp & Hoppa Sverige! (Up & Jump Sweden!) campaign, features the 40-year-old running through various staircases inside the royal palace.

The video begins with Victoria working at a desk before a palace staff member greets the future Queen, telling her: "It's time again." Prince Daniel's wife then proceeds to run up a number of flights of stairs and through the halls of the palace, all whilst wearing a trouser suit and high heels.

princess victoria running in palace

Victoria was promoting Generation Pep's health campaign

Generation Pep noted that sitting down for extended periods of time is a big issue and that most Swedes sit for an average of nine hours a day. The campaign stated: "Good habits are founded early in life. We adults must set a good example. Children do as we do, not as we say." Not moving can lead to a series of negative health effects, the campaign noted. "You get tired, less effective and the risk increases for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers."

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Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria launched Generation Pep in 2016. The non-profit organisation works to raise awareness and get individuals involved in promoting children's health. Prince William and Kate were recently impressed by the Swedes' approach to active lifestyles during their visit to Scandinavia last week.

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"One lesson that we will take home with us is that children are actively encouraged to spend time outdoors, whatever the weather," William said in a speech during a royal engagement. "This is obviously very good for their physical health but… it has huge benefits for a child's mental health as well."

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