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Princess Stephanie's daughter Camille Gottlieb gives rare interview on Monaco royal family

By Hola! USA

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Grace Kelly’s granddaughter Camille Gottlieb is lending her voice to the organization "Be Safe Monaco," which she founded this past summer with friends to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. In her first interview with French news outlet Point de Vue, the 19-year-old, who lost a friend to drunk driving, admitted, “I don’t drink." Although she's tasted alcohol "to do like everyone else" she said, "It's not for me, I do not like it. I hate the idea of losing control.”


Princess Stephanie and her three children

Camille noted that she had the full support of her mother Princess Stephanie, 53, to start her project. The teenager shared, “I asked my mother, ‘Do you think it's a good idea, and do you think it's good for me?’ She said, ‘Do what you really want, you are made to help others, I support you one hundred percent.’”

Prince Albert’s sister welcomed Camille with her former bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb in 1998. During the interview, the Monaco royal opened up about her family, saying, “My father is my right lung, my mother is my left lung. Without them, I could not live. They did not stay together very long, but they always said to me, ‘We have desired you, and our happiness is that you are here.’” She added, “I am very lucky. I would not trade my family for another for nothing in the world.”

Insagram: throwback of Camille when she was a baby being held by her father

On her mother’s side, Camille has two half-siblings, Pauline Ducruet, 23, and Louis Ducruet, 25. “Between us, we call ourselves the ‘Three Musketeers,’” the philanthropic teen revealed. Discussing her royal siblings, she shared, “With Pauline, we do not need to phone or send messages to know that everything is fine. Louis is very protective of us three, he is the most serious, the wisest. My sister is more rock, more rebellious perhaps.”

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As for herself, Camille confessed, “I have more ease to cash the reproaches that the compliments. I have a communicative laugh, I cry very rarely. When I love someone, I have to tell them 500 times a day. And I am an Epicurean. My mother taught me to cook, I'm a real little chef.”

comparison image of Camille and Grace Kelly

Princess Stephanie’s youngest daughter made headlines last year posting a photo, which resembled her late maternal grandmother, Princess Grace. Addressing the Instagram post, Camille said, “I was especially honored to be told about this resemblance to my grandmother, the Princess Grace.”

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She continued, “Every time my mother tells me about her, it's to say what an extraordinary woman and what an exemplary mother she was. My mother was still very young when she died, with Louis and Pauline we are only grateful for all that she has given us. My mother is a great mom, she is my example, my model. I cannot even tell you how proud I am of her."

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