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Kate Middleton makes running in wedges look easy, so we gave it a try...

It wasn't as easy as it looked...

kate running in heels

When the Duchess of Cambridge ran down a grassy hill at the Polo on Sunday, onlookers were shocked she could do it in the 6.5cm wedged heels from Russell & Bromley. It's official: the Duches has skills! To find out if it's easier than it looks, we put one HELLO! writer to the test to see if she too had the same elegance as the Duchess...

We tried running in wedges - see what happened!

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The brave writer, Emmy Griffiths, opened up about the challenge, saying: "It seemed simple: run down a hill with all of the poise, grace and Duchess-level elegance that Kate so effortlessly brought at the weekend. The reality? Not so much. For Kate, it was just another day of being a normal mum-of-three and fashionista to boot - for me it was a fear-inducing, ankle-wobbling accident waiting for happen! It seems impossible to be able to recapture Kate's gazelle-like prance down the hill. Suffice to say I am not Duchess material. Perhaps she had some lessons in how to run in heels? If so, I'd like to sign up."

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Could this become the next Ice Bucket challenge or the Floss Dance viral sensations? Only time will tell. And just in case anyone is concerned, no writer was harmed in the making of this video - promise.

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