Wolgan Valley: eco-chic down under

The interest in 'green' travel has never been so great. And that means that you can now combine sustainability with style, and enjoy a break in Australia's rugged Blue Mountains without sacrificing one iota of class.

Set in the stunning natural landscape of the Blue Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Area less than three hours drive from Sydney, the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa is proud of its status as Australia's most environmentally responsible tourist destination.

As well as the 4,000 acre Wolgan Valley Nature Reserve, the Blue Mountains region encompasses a number of National Parks, including Wollemi National Park and Gardens of Stone National Park, making a visit to the area a real adventure. The Wolgan Valley resort is set on a former cattle ranch, and the lands where cattle used to roam are now home to a wide range of fauna and flora including a number of endangered species. Here, Australia's unique biodiversity is respected and protected, and native wildlife thrives in a pristine natural setting. Guests at the resort can participate in various outdoor activities such as wildlife safaris in the company of expert local guides, horse riding, cycling or hiking.

The complex was designed to harmonise perfectly with the dramatic vastness of the Australian outback; the 40 independent villas - each with private terrace and pool - ensure the luxury of privacy, and the spa offers a wide range of holistic therapies from around the world as well as making use of local plants and herbs. The accommodation was built by local craftsmen using state-of-the-art technology and has been honoured with awards for its architecture, sustainable design and contribution to the preservation of regional heritage.

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