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A gourmet taste of the literary wonders of Paris

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A new generation of gourmet restaurants has sprung up in the French capital, reinventing the whole concept of cutting edge international cuisine. Stroll the historical streets of the city of lights, poetry and gastronomy and discover this outstanding selection of enticing restaurants where you can sample a whole range of creative and exciting dishes.


Verjus, a taste of the exotic It's well worth your while to visit this American restaurant because Bostonian Chefs Braden Perkins and Laura Adrián offer some of the best dishes in the city. The Bistro Verjus, located next to the Royal Palace, offers a mouth-watering menu featuring an exciting new take on Parisian delicacies as well as a ground-breaking gastronomic experience in la ville de l'amour.L'Affable, an aristocratic gemThe Parisian aristocracy and the elegant madams with their adorable pooches are in luck. The bistro L'Affable, situated in an exclusive area of La France, is a hit on the left bank of the River Seine. We recommend the steamed wild salmon served with free range eggs and a bacon emulsion. As a side dish, order a serving of scallops with beetroot salsa.


Au Passage, rekindling the flameThe bistro Au Passage has recreated an art deco ambiance, an ideal setting for indulging in a relaxing, romantic sunset meal as the night falls. If gastronomy is your number one passion, try their delicious herring garnished with creamed beetroot, a sprinkling of grapes and velvety mashed potato – you won't regret it.Le Pantruche, food for thoughtThe Saint Germain de Prés neighbourhood became the hotspot for intellectuals around 1918. Nowadays it's home to La Pantruche, a beautifully decorated bistro which has drawn its inspiration from the history of this gentrified bohemian area. If you fancy trying it out, sample their appetizing foie gras terrine in red wine sauce with a finishing touch of salted caramel.Chatomat, nightfall Bohemian-styleWhy not venture into the multicultural neighbourhoods and taste their delicacies? Take a taxi to Ménilmontant. If you wander the narrow alleyways of this authentic side of Paris you'll find the bistro Chatomat, the distinctive gourmet showcase of chefs Alicia Di Cagno and Víctor Gaillard. These chefs' offerings attract numerous local artists, so if you do venture down there, keep your ear to the ground as you're sure to overhear fascinating conversations about conceptual art.


Vins des Pyrénées, a trip to northern SpainIn the stunning Vosgos Square, among its opulent palaces, fashion boutiques and enticing antique shops, you'll find the bistro Vins des Pyrénées. Originally an old wine cellar, this traditional restaurant serves tried and tested favourites with a Pyrenean touch; a simply mouthwatering experience.Terroir Parisien, a step back in timeYannick Alléno, a chef with three Michelin stars to his name, demonstrates the importance of looking to the past for inspiration for the future. A master of culinary art, his philosophy is that the best recipes draw their inspiration from traditional cooking techniques. Therefore Terroir Parisien offers the opportunity to step back in time and sample fresh slow-cooked farm produce.L'Office, New York style in Paris One night in Manhattan, the French chef Charles Compagnon and American Kevin O'Donell sat around a table for a culinary debate. That encounter inspired Charles to set up a bistro in an up-and-coming area of Paris. The result is L'Office, a restaurant that specialises in Italian pasta and is extremely popular among young Parisians.


Philou, a creative bite Situated in a working class district near San Martín, this neighbourhood has evolved and is now home to creative types. Its urban style is a combination of trendy shops and antique spaces reminiscent of another era. It is here chef Philipee Damas, a fan of seasonal produce, created the restaurant Philou, where you can sample garden vegetables with snails in pesto sauce, cod served on a bed of lentils and for dessert, caramel ice-cream tart.Neva cuisine, time for a tete á tete?This arte nouveau style bistro with parquet floors and chandeliers takes you back to the 19th century. In Neva Cuisine, diners can indulge in some of chef Beatriz Gonzaléz's delicacies like ravioli with ginger king prawns served with beetroot gazpacho.More information: Paris Tourism

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