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How to capture the perfect holiday photos

Travel bloggers The Whole World is a Playground share their top tips

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Capturing beautiful holiday photos is not just the perfect souvenir from your trip, but also the ideal way to boast about your trip to family and friends, according to new research from Royal Caribbean. The international cruise line found that 90 per cent of us take holiday photos to 'post and boast' online, so ensure your photography skills don't let you down with these top tips from travel bloggers The Whole World is a Playground…

Pick your time – 'Golden hour', the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset, creates the most evocative light for holiday photos, so set that alarm clock!

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Shock factor – Get out of your comfort zone, go on a giant zip line, sky dive, go surfing! Seek out new experiences to increase maximum boasting potential.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T – It's always important to treat the locals with respect, so if there's a sign saying no photos, don't take one.

Editing - Whether you're using a phone or a DSLR it pays to edit your photos before posting. A few small tweaks can switch a photo from good to awesome!

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# - Hashtags increase the reach of your images, for Instagram try three or four in the main photo caption followed by more in a comment below … and why not try a shameless #Boastcard.

Location, location, location – Always tag the location of a photo when posting. This instantly increases the reach allowing others visiting to find your photo.

Frequency - A maximum of two Instagram pictures a day works well without jamming up your followers' feeds, while Instagram stories are a great way to add a post about your adventure.

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Do your research – To get the best shots you need to seek out the best photo locations, so plan ahead!

Last but not least, have fun! - Remember you are on holiday and surrounded by incredible and often once-in-a-lifetime scenes – so have fun and live in the moment!

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