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5 easy ways to be kinder to the planet

From your diet to your shopping habits

kind to planet
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In celebration of World Kindness Day, our Kindness Digital Issue focuses on the importance of being kind to yourself and above all to others. But we also wanted to put an emphasis on being kind to the planet.

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We can all be a little more mindful about Planet Earth, the home we share with other species and ecosystems. Katie White, executive director of advocacy and campaigns at WFF, shares her top five ways to care for the environment, from adapting your diet to shopping sustainably.

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Five ways to be kinder to the planet:

1. Watch where you shop

As consumers we have purchasing power to encourage businesses to improve their impact on the planet. In the run up to Christmas in particular, consider the sustainability of the gifts you're buying, and get in touch with your favourite brands to ask them what they're doing to improve their eco-credentials.

wwf vegetables

2. Eat for the planet

Our food choices make a difference to the world we live in. Eating less meat and cutting down on food waste are meaningful ways to be kinder to the planet. Take some simple steps to rebalance your plate with #Eat4Change.

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3. Your money matters

Your bank or pension provider might invest in companies that burn fossil fuels or destroy nature. Switching to a sustainable pension fund is one of the most impactful ways to minimise your carbon footprint. Calculate your footprint and take on challenges to reduce it by downloading WWF's My Footprint app.

wwf walrus

4. Get involved

In our new project with British Antarctic Survey (BAS), 'Walrus From Space', we're seeking the public's help to understand how walrus will be impacted by the climate crisis. Walrus are facing a tough reality: their Arctic home is warming almost three times faster than the rest of the world. By counting walrus numbers in images taken from space satellites, people at home can contribute to protecting the future of the species.

5. Adopt a better future

By adopting an animal with WWF, you're not just helping to protect their species, but also their habitat – our one shared home. From snow leopards to sea turtles, adoptions make a wonderful gift for the nature-lovers in your life who want to do their bit for the environment, and you'll be supporting WWF's critical work to be kinder to our planet.

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