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Jennifer Lopez
In a Chicago department store there is an entire floor dedicated to the "World of J Lo", a boutique which brings Jennifer Lopez's style to the public. Here, fans are invited to lose themselves amid piles of cashmere sweaters, baby-doll tops and up-to-the-minute houndstooth slacks from the Latina chanteuse's Sweetface collection.

The range, described by the singer as "where I've come from and what I've seen", focuses on the sleek, new image Jennifer's been sporting of late. Admirers of her hip-hop persona haven't been entirely forgotten, however, as there are plenty of crystal-sprinkled fedoras, medallions and sweatpants in evidence. And,
with more outlets from New York to Athens in the
pipeline, shoppers outside the US are soon going to
be able to dress like a diva, too.
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