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Justin Timberlake
After conquering the pop world, Justin Timberlake is now flexing his fashion talent. In a joint effort with best friend Trace Ayala, the 24-year-old singer has unveiled the label William Rast. The moniker comes from a fusion of their grandfathers' names - “William” being Justin’s grandpa and the last name, “Rast” belonging to Trace.

In a nod to his Tennessee roots, the R&B star describes look as "sort of country, but with a little edge and a little chic". The creative duo have come up with a range of corduroy blazers, cashmere sweaters and top quality denim for a vibe that's street-friendly yet sophisticated. And the pair aren't stopping there as plans are afoot to introduce suits and hats. “Once we get the basics down solid, we are really going to start rocking the line,” Justin promises.
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