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The beauty box: Latest products for a snip of the price

A money-saving concept that lets you try before you buy

12 JANUARY 2012

You might have heard about the increasingly common beauty box - a genius money-saving concept that allows you to explore the newest beauty products without breaking the bank.

The idea is, after subscribing online and usually paying somewhere in the region of £10 per month, you receive a box each month full of samples of the latest products.

With the idea that you try before you buy, the products – which are either travel or full-sized – come at a snip of the price.



Glossybox, the original beauty box, is a luxuriously packaged, pink delight that contains high-end, girly products including Illamasqa, Dermologica, Stila and L’Oreal.

If you provide feedback, Glossybox then strives to personalise and adjust the content of your box.

They also have a men’s subscription for beauty-curious gents.

Another example if Jolie Box UK, a beauty box that takes inspiration from classic French style and sophistication.

This is an elegant, grown-up box, featuring deluxe products from luxury brands.


Glossybox, £10 per month (plus p+p). Jolie Box UK, £10 per month.


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