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Gaga follows live tattoo with eccentric outfit for new perfume launch

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Never one to do things by halves, Lady Gaga has treated her fans to several displays of her wackiness for at the launch of her new perfume: Fame.The Bad Romance singer arrived at Macy's New York department store on Friday by horse and carriage and emerged clad in a black latex outfit and gold headdress which masked her eyes.


Gaga completed the look with enormous black platform heels, adorned with figures of gold men, echoing the fragrance's campaign which depicts miniature people walking on the star.

Earlier on Friday Gaga had sparked excitement about the event by tweeting "Macy's here we come!" and let slip a few teasers about her dramatic entrance when she said "I wonder if the horse is rehearsed? Princess high. "During the week the singer had stunned onlookers by getting a tattoo live during the launch party for her new fragrance.

Held at New York's renowned Guggenheim Museum, the launch featured a large model replica of the perfume's bottle, which the chart-topper then appeared to sleep inside, as guests were invited to touch her hand, but not wake her.

The main event came when Gaga proceeded to have a cherub, complete with wings and a crown, tattooed onto her the back of her head in front of fans.

Lady Gaga revealed her new tattoo

The Pokerface star had shaved the area above her neck earlier in the week as a tribute to the passing of a friend's mother.Tattoo artist, Mark Mahony described Gaga's new ink as "a Renaissance era cherub, a nod to her Italian heritage. "Mark, who was aided during the event by his assistant Wes Brown, admitted that the task of tattooing the singer in front of a live crowd was "a little distracting at first", but added: "once I got the pattern on, I realised it was just a perfect image for that place on the body. I knew it was going to be fine, just because it seemed to fit so perfectly right there. "Also present at the event was actress Lindsay Lohan, Yoko Ono and Paris Hilton, who has released several fragrances herself in the past.Gaga's perfume Fame becomes available to buy this month.